6 Tips On Buying Jewelry Online

Jewelry is considered the best gift nowadays that people are giving to their friends, relatives, and loved ones. There is nothing as sweet as giving jewelry gifts on some special occasions. Sometimes buying jewelry and gemstone ruined your feelings if you got a bad deal.

It is extremely vital to know about some kind of jewelry that you want to purchase. It is important to compare jewelry prices from different retailers. In this blog, I will discuss the financial Tips that one should keep in mind while buying jewelry.

1. Know About Financing plans:

These days, many jewelers offer financing deals which include a store credit card. To get the financial plans, buyers have to open a store credit card on which the interest is either low or is free of interest.

This interest is free because of the promotional periods while you make payments on the purchase but this card charges a high rate of interest after the grace period.

For Instance, some jewelers offer 0 percent interest if the balance is paid off in 12 months, but after that interest rates are charged between 17 percent and 27 percent.

Other jewelers provide you an interest-free promotion for a period of six months, 12 months, 18 months, depending on the amount that you spend for jewelry. But after this promotion period, the card charges you up to 29.24 percent interest.

2. Buy Jewelry Insurance

If you are making an expensive purchase of jewelry, then it is very important to buy insurance. Some insurers offer very good options in case of damage, theft, or loss.

Always inquire about your insurance options from your insurance provider as sometimes this insurance policy for jewelry is worth more.

3. Inquire about Trade-ins:

There are some jewelers who accept trade-ins so as to offset the cost of buying jewelry. If you have jewelry that you don’t wear, then first ask your jeweler about trade-ins.

Some jewelers accept trade-in items from their store and some other jewelers will accept jewelry from other stores as well. In this way, you can buy a new jewelry item by trade-in your old jewelry.

4. Consider the return policy:

Each jeweler has its own conditions for return and exchange policies. Some jewelers don’t accept returns of customized jewelers which includes engraved or jewelry that was customized on the special order.

There are some jewelers who don’t accept rings that have been engraved. So it is always better to ask about their return and exchange policies.

5. Know the Right place to buy

Since all jewelers are not equal. Some jewelers have good prices, others have more variety. There are some jewelers who have knowledgeable and helpful staff. If you find the right jeweler who has all these things, then you are lucky.


6. Ask about Discount:

Always ask about an incentive to follow through with a purchase. For instance, some jewelers can give you a discount on the value of sales tax on the particular jewelry item.

So it is essential to keep these financial tips in your mind when you are going for Jewelry shopping. So if you are going to gift jewelry or gemstone to your loved ones, just consider these factors and then shop.

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