Some Myths About Gemstones


Gemstones have long been associated with heavenly energies and also numerous myths and legends have evolved over them concerning their origins.

Like the gemstones themselves, these origin myths are equally fascinating.

Here are some myths about gemstones that you should know about:

Rose quartz Gemstones


The rose quartz is believed to have unique celestial energies. When given to a baby, the rose quartz can transform the spirit of the non-physical world into a physical being.

Amber  Stone

During ancient times, sea voyages and sailors believed that the burning amber stone can guarantee safety from different kinds of sea monsters.


Turquoise Gemstones

Legends say that there was once a noble American chief whose skin was as bright blue as turquoise. Once he was running from his enemies across a desert.


Small beads of sweat emanated from his body and fell on the ground as he stopped to rest. These beads got accumulated in the rocks and transformed into small pieces of turquoise gems.


Chrysoprase Gems

The Chrysoprase stone alternative of birthstone may month is a bright green variant of chalcedony that has long been used as a lucky charm.


Alexander the Great is thought to have worn the Chrysoprase stone on his girdle. It is believed that this stone was greatly responsible to bring victory in wars.

However, when Alexander was bathing in the waters of the Euphrates, he kept his girdle by the river and a snake took the Chrysoprase and disappeared into the water.

This led to Alexander running out of his luck, and he also could not win any battle after that.

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  1. Some of these myths are really weird but I believe these gemstones do have some natural energy in them, which can be tranformed to humans, making them behave differently. Is that true? Or is it just another myth?

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