Famous Colored Gemstone Engagement Rings

We are living in an era where getting to know our favourite celebrities better gives us more gratification about latest fashion and jewellery trends. If you want to know about the Famous Colored Gemstone Engagement Rings that  A-list stars wear with grace , then keep reading.

While white diamonds used to be the ideal choice for many celebrities looking for that perfect engagement ring.The changing times have seen some changes in the traditional engagement rings as well. Today, many A-List celebrities adorn their fingers with stunning engagement rings studded with coloured gemstones. Many leading ladies of the entertainment world have proudly donned gemstones like sapphires, yellow sapphires, ruby gemstone, emeralds – ditching the age-old white diamonds.

Here is a rundown of some of these starlets who chose colour gemstone engagement rings to celebrate their special bond with their beauties

Elizabeth Hurley

Elizabeth hurley engagement ring


Australian cricketer, Shane Warren isn’t just great at amazing his fans, but he amazed the stunning Liz Hurley too.He proposed Liz Hurley with his choice of a three-stone engagement ring.

An amazing 9-carat square-cut blue sapphire along with two diamond baguettes, that ring was a real thing of beauty and money (having an estimated value of more than $100,000 back then). Now that the couple has parted ways, the ring does remain to be one of the most expensive and attractive rings ever worn by celebrities.

Halle Berry

Halle Berry engagement ring

Designed by French jeweller Robert Mazio, Halle Berry’s engagement ring is an exquisite piece of jewelry that is not as low-key as her engagement to Oliver Martinez was. The Academy Award winner wears the ring with ultimate poise and elan. And why not? After all, it is one of the most-talked-about, and most beautiful engagement rings in the town. As per rumours, the ring even contains some esoteric codes which are only understandable by the couple.

Heidi Klum


Heide Klum engagement ring

Even though supermodel Heidi Klum separated with her famous singer husband Seal in 2012.But back in 2004 when the man proposed his lady with a 10-carat fancy yellow diamond ring. Their marriage sparked Tinseltown-talk. The splendid canary stone was held by four yellow gold prongs and was set on a band of yellow pave set diamonds. The ring very well complemented Heidi Klum’s vivaciousness and energy.

Jennifer Lopez


Jennifer lopez engagement ring

J.Lo’s high-profile relationship with actor and director Ben Affleck not only started the ‘Bennifer’ era but also became the trendsetter of fancy diamond rings.  In 2002, when Ben gifted her a 6.1-carat pink diamond ring, there was nothing much left to talk about in parties and get-togethers.

Though it is rumour that Jennifer return back the ring after the couple broke up in 2004, it continues to be a prominent benchmark when it comes to celebrity engagement rings.

Jessica Simpson


Jessica Simpson engagement ring

Singer and actress Jessica Simpson got engaged to beau Eric Johnson in 2010. The former NFL star took the help of jeweller Neil Lane to choose the perfect romantic ring for his lady love.
And no wonder the 5-carat ruby ring, flanked by two incredibly stunning diamonds on each side, is perfect and romantic in every sense. The three-stone ruby gemstone engagement ring has gained a lot of fame and continues to be one of the favorite picks of celebrity engagement rings.

Kate Middleton


Kate Middleton engagement ring

The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, is a proud possessor of a stunning 18-carat oval blue sapphire ring surrounded by 14 scintillating diamonds. It is the most famous engagement ring ever.The ring was earlier donned by Princess Diana, bought by Prince Charles in 1981.

When Prince William proposed Kate Middleton, with his mother’s engagement ring, the gesture was nothing else but truly loving and heart-warming. The ring, with a halo of 14 diamonds, has been set in 18-carat white gold . It is one of the most renowned heirloom engagement rings in the history of the world.

Blake Lively


Blake Lively engagement ring

Ryan Reynolds proposed his love Blake Lively with a huge pink engagement ring, and the lady flaunts it like a dream. The flawless light pink oval diamond surrounded by pave set diamonds and set in rose gold is a jaw-dropper for sure. The big-sized ring definitely tells a lot about the thoughts. Ryan put in to surprise his woman, and we couldn’t help but admire the couple’s love for each other.



Adela Engagement Ring

The incredible singer dons a huge yellow diamond centre stone with two triangular-shaped yellow stones at its sides. The luxury white diamond band adds more brilliance to this gorgeous piece.

Penelope Cruz


penelope cruz engagement ring

A vintage three-carat sapphire ring adds more beauty to the already magnificently beautiful Penelope Cruz. Javier Bardem surely understood how to impress a woman as gorgeous as Penelope. He proposed her with a ring studded with a bright blue sapphire set in a flower-shaped diamond halo. A classic style that exudes royalty, this engagement ring won many hearts, including, of course, Penelope’s!


Carrie Underwood


Carrie Underwood Engagement ring

Carrie Underwood’s engagement ring has been causing a stir since we caught the first glimpse back in 2009 when hockey star Mike Fisher proposed. The canary-coloured, round-cut diamond alone is about 5 carats, while the total ring includes 12 carats worth of diamonds.

The list of coloured gemstone engagement rings worn by international celebs is a long one without any doubt. But out of all the rings mentioned above, which one is your favourite?

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