Guide On Properties Of Red Coral Gemstone

Guide On Properties Of Red Coral Gemstone
Guide On Properties Of Red Coral Gemstone

Also name as Praval or Moonga stone, the mystical Coral stone is ruled by the planet Mars the planet of energy, strength, and determination.

If you are planning to buy coral gemstone, make sure you buy a natural one as a genuine and pure coral stone carries several properties which can assist you in crossing the different obstacles of life. By invoking the power of intuition and visualization, it makes the wearer more self-aware and understanding of their being as well as that of others. It is also helpful in treating mental conditions like anxiety and depression.

Conventionally, this gemstone is gifted to mothers as it strengthens the bond between a mother and a child. Thus, if you are looking for the perfect Mother’s Day gift, then a jewelry piece made up of a natural, high-quality coral gemstone could be the one.

The red color of this stone represents life and blood force. It is believed that the red tone in this stone heats and stimulates the bloodstream, while the pink tone of the gem provides a sort of balance to the heart. Some even believe that this gemstone brings balance and harmony in the life of the wearers, uniting them to the Universe.

Now that you have learned quite a bit about one of the best natural gemstones available today, let’s take a look at its properties.

Healing Properties of coral gemstone

The coral gem carry various healing properties that can assist people in dealing with various facets of their lives easier.

From physical healing to emotional and even spiritual healing, many coral stone properties are nothing less than blessings for the wearers of the stone. Read on to know more:

Physical Healing

Those who have medical conditions related to the parathyroid gland, gall bladder, and kidneys, can get relief by wearing this stone. Its protects against several diseases, like fever, anemia, typhoid, headache, cough, pneumonia, weakness, smallpox, chickenpox, jaundice, piles, blood disorders, and even from different types of allergies.

One of the most amazing physical healing properties of this stone is that it strengthens and supports the circulatory system and aids in the regeneration of tissues. The stone also cures calcium deficiencies, thereby healing the spinal canal and nervous system.
With the properties that it carries, the coral stone can help a person recover or provide protection against blood cancer, bone cancer, stomach cancer and mouth cancer.

Some believe that coral gem can even treat the eyes and improve a person’s eyesight. In order to get better results when it comes to improving vision, it is recommended to wash your eyes with water that has the coral gemstone soaked in it overnight. Doing this regularly can help a great deal in recovering the eyesight.

Emotional Healing

Being a stabilizing gem that it is, coral is extremely beneficial for those who find it tough to deal with their emotions. The stone is helps to impart wisdom in the wearer and provides a balance in their life.

Those who feel that their life is meaningless or does not have any direction, by wearing gemstone they can get rid of the fear, nervousness, and depression that surrounds them. The stone will give them a feeling of zeal and certain enthusiasm needed to deal with the ambiguous future.

In this dynamic world, many fail to trust themselves. Coral can help such people by restoring their faith in themselves. It also protects against hatred and brings love in life.

It is an amazing stone that helps the wearer enjoy an eternally successful and blissful married life. Creativity can also be high with the help of this gem. As a matter of fact, wearing this gem helps in improving the concentration of the wearer and thus, is a great companion during meditation.

Spiritual Healing

The coral stone can be use in during meditation for great results. It connects the spiritual self of a person with the spiritual masters of the universe. The powers of the stone help in communicating with the divine force.

The stone also connects one to the past spiritual masters. Its also speeds up the transfer of knowledge, bringing intellect, wisdom and even peace within.

Metaphysical Properties  of  coral  gemstone

Thanks to its organic origin, the natural Coral gemstone brings one closer to nature and its several wonders. It is the stone of the sea. This means wearing this stone while traveling through the sea can provide protection from the waters, sea animals, and maritime accidents.

The stone has a round or oval shape and is smooth to touch. Available in a variety of red tones, usually a deep red coral is  to be a great choice.

The stone is more or less free from dents and perforations. On the Moh’s scale of hardness, the coral stone ranks in between 3-4. This means if proper care is , then the stone can last for a good time.


Heals and Balances Chakra:

One of the gemstones that can energize and heal this chakra is an Organic Red Coral gemstone. The gem of the planet of youth and energy and the strength of the zodiac Mars.

The Solar Plexus chakra another name is “Manipura” chakra. Its locates in the region of the Adrenal glands/Navel Area. This chakra is responsible for the upward flow of energies and controls the blood pressure of the individual.

The solar plexus chakra sits above our navel, in our stomach. This chakra is related to digestion. It also has an important role in the mental and spiritual activities.

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