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The opal gemstone is the birthstone for the month of October. People born in October can wear this stone and be under the protection and care of the opal gemstone. This stone is a symbol of hope and purity. The ruling planet of opal is Venus. So by wearing the opal gemstone ring one strengthens the planet, Venus.

The planet Venus is the planet of relationships and luxury. Therefore, by incorporating opal, one also strengthens their relationship and achieves more, in fulfilling the life of comfort and luxury as the heart desires. Opal is a semi-precious gemstone.

The opal gemstone benefits the people who are in the art field. In fields like dancing, music, painting, acting, and theater the bearer of the stone flourishes. To achieve the most from the stone, is it advisable to buy certified gemstones.

Getting to know more about this magical stone

The opal gemstone reflects the rainbow colors in a unique pattern which is soothing to some. The aura of the stone releases positively in the air. White opals are commonly known to most. It has muted pastel colors which find its usage in making delicate jewelry. Other than white opals there are a number of other types that equally mesmerize the opal lover.

The natural opal is the opal which has not undergone any sort of treatment. These Opals have no man-made altercation to their original color and composition other than cutting and polishing of the stone. The transparency and the body tone are the determining factors for the opal being natural or not.

Here is the colorful world of the opal gemstones:

Black Opal:


This is the most valued opal. The display of colors in this stone is on a black body or a dark one. Hence, the name.

White Opal:


The base color of this stone ranges from transparent to light gray. The white color is actually in a milky tone which beautifully blends with the unique rainbow colors that it displays.

Matrix opal:


Queensland is the source for the matrix opal. There is an intimate diffusion of the infilling of pores or holes between the granular particles of the host rock. This is mainly distinguishable because of the ironstone host rock.

Boulder Opal:


These opals occur as infilling of cracks or voids in ironstone rocks. This can be black or white depending on the appearance of the stone when viewed from the surface.

Types of Opal Gemstone

These varieties of the opals are commonly popular as composite natural opal. With technology, man infuses artificial veneers with the natural gemstones to create a different variety of opal altogether. Doublets and triplets are man-made opals.

Doublet Opal:

In a doublet opal, a layer of precious light opal has an attachment to the back of black opal. This gives strength to the entire opal formed. Doublet opals are more expensive than triplet opals as more of the precious gem comes in use.

Triplet Opal:

The triplet opal has three different layers glued together. The precious light colored opal has a bond with a black back surface. A crystal dome protects the top and glue, attach them together to give the triplet its overall look.

More variety of Opals:

The variety of opal available does not end here. A variety of opal differs from the origin of the country. There is a huge variety of opal found in the different regions of the world, every variation of this gemstone from a specific country.

The Madagascar opal, Kenyan opal, Tanzanian opal, Mexican opal, Brazilian opal, Peruvian opals, Honduran opal, USA opal, Indonesian opals, European opal, dendritic opal, and Ethiopian opals are a few to name some. There are other varieties as well. Buy wholesale gemstones for the new jewelry collection.

Fire Opal gemstone:


The fire opal gemstone is another variety that is expensive after the black opal. The most valuable opal stones in the fire variety have distinctive features as transparent and red.

The fire opal displays are an array of color mixing together when seen in natural light. This visual is as mystifying as the mystical world itself. Due to this, the earthly beings believe it to impart magical powers.


How to take care of Opal:

Opal is high in water content. Therefore, it is advisable to keep the opal away from prolonged heat and sunlight exposure. Soft cotton is the best way to clean the opal along with a mild soapy water solution.

Before the opal starts tempting anymore, check out the online gemstone prices if a new jewelry collection is in the making.

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