History And Characteristics Of Cocktail Ring

A cocktail ring was originated in the 1920s and they came into fashion in the 1940s and 1950s. They are large, dramatic ring and feature a large cluster of stones like having an oversize center stone or lots of small stones in their surroundings.

Cocktail rings are still popular and are a fashionable jewel for women. They made a major comeback in 2006 at the red carpet of Oscar, Golden Globe awards, where many stars wore it.


The term Cocktail ring was born in the 1920’s in the US during the prohibition Period. In 1920 the commercial sale of alcohol was banned and there was a revolution against it.

As a result, the culture of underground cocktail parties came into existence. The stylish and fashionable women of the decade dressed up in their flamboyant flapper style with elegant jewels of pearl gemstone necklaces, stacks of bracelets but the ultimate accessory was the cocktail ring.

In other words, the cocktail ring was associated with the classic “independent woman” and was an ironic response to prohibition as women used to drink liquors and enjoy in total secrecy by wearing the cocktail ring on the same hand that wielded an illicit cocktail.

The cocktail ring gets its name from cocktails as women used to order their drinks by raising their right hand and showing their ring. In this way cocktail ring used to attract others attention.


During the 1950s and 60s, this cocktail ring became hugely famous and shifted from controversial statements to a luxurious ring that adds a perfect bit of oomph to any dinner party or opera night.

Nowadays cocktail parties are not that much common, still, a cocktail ring is famous for events like award shows, film premier etc.

Usually, the cocktail ring has a large center stone which is either diamond or precious gemstone and it is at least 3 carats in size. Today, most cocktail rings have faux stones in them.

Presently, this ring is loved and adored by many women who love elegance. Cocktail rings are still the way for women to get noticed.

Currently, the cocktail ring is a favorite jewel of those who love elegance, fashion and originality. Still, in modern times, wearing a cocktail ring with big gemstone or by surrounding the diamonds are considered as one of the women’s best ways to get noticed.

Those jewelry lovers who want to make bold statements and want to look stylish, then a cocktail ring is the best choice to add to your jewelry collection.


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