How To Wear & Style Your Pearl Jewelry?

When it comes to jewelry that looks stylish, royal and superb all at the same time there’s nothing that can beat pearl stones. From traditional wear to western wear, you can team up pearls or moti stones with any outfit and manage to look out of this world, every time.

There are many women who might feel confused as to how to wear and style different types of pearl stone jewelry and look like a true diva. Well, the days of confusion seem to be over! Now is the time to take those gorgeous pearl strands out of the closet and wear them with oomph.

Here’s all you need to know about wearing and styling luxurious pearls and rocking the fashion scene in your circle:

Tips to style Pearl Necklaces:

pearl necklace

If you own pearl necklaces, then you definitely are a lucky lady – and someone who knows the value of these lovely jewelry pieces. So, let’s just understand how can you style different types of pearl necklaces like a pro:


A choker pearl necklace is a perfect jewelry piece to complete your western look. From simple t-shirt and jeans to a beautiful little black dress, a choker pearl necklace can compliment any piece of western clothing with absolute grace. Moreover, these necklaces are perfect for professional looks as well. You can team one of your choker pearl necklaces with that stunning office suit and confidence is all you will exude.

pearl choker necklace


A perfect addition to every attire that has the crew and high necklines the princess pearl necklace is a must-have in every woman’s pearl collection. As a matter of fact, the beauty of this necklace lies in the fact that it looks great even with low, plunging necklines.
If you are going on a special occasion, then you can complete your look with a simple yet sophisticated pearl pendant adorning the princess pearl necklace. It is often considered as the perfect option to choose when you are not sure which strand length you should go for.

pearl princess necklace


Don’t get confused by its name. While you can surely rock a casual look with the matinee necklace and catch that latest movie without going overboard with jewelry, this type of necklace goes perfectly with business and formal dresses too. So, choose your pick – casual or business – and don the matinee pearl necklace whenever you want.

matinee pearl necklace


Often called as the queen of the pearl necklace, the opera is an exquisite piece of jewelry which can be worn alone as a gorgeous long strand of pearls, or can be doubled up to create a trendy two-strand choker look. What’s more? You can even style it as a knotted necklace at the neckline and get that stylish vintage look that has become an excellent gemstone jewelry trend these days.

pearl opera necklace


When it comes to creating a sensuous look, a pearl rope can never go wrong. You can wear it as it is, or double and even triple it to get that fabulous multi-strand choker look. Again, this versatile necklace can be worn with dresses, gowns and even traditional outfits like a saree or silk kurta.

You can knot this necklace and slung it over the shoulder to put emphasis on the beauty of your neck and back. Who says looking stylish is difficult? Get pearl ropes, and you have got your style quotient sorted for sure!

pearl rope necklace

Tips to style Pearl Bracelets

pearl bracelet

  • Wearing pearl bracelets is a fashion statement that never goes out of vogue. If you are thinking how can you style pearl bracelets, then here’s what you can do:
  • You can wear a pearl bracelet alone or layer it with other bracelets, either strand on the strand doubled or even tripled.

pearl layers bracelet

  • If you don’t own a pearl bracelet, then one of the simplest things that you can do to create a bracelet instantly is to take a pearl necklace and wrap it around your wrist.
  • You can also wear two or more pearl bracelets having different colors and create a truly chic look which can go well with your casual attire.

pearl three strand necklace

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