India’s Gem And Jewelry Market Exports Increased By 1.8% In February

How To Be A Jewelry Designer For Your OWn Jewelry
How To Be A Jewelry Designer For Your Own Jewelry

According to Reports in February 2017, India’s gem and jewelry exports have a 1.8 percent increase on a y-o-y basis to US$3.91 billion. Cut and Polished diamond exports rise 3.2 percent and valued US$2.41 billion. It was also reported that Gold Jewelry exports took a 46 percent fall to US$ 418.99 million.

Silver jewelry exports rose to US$ 436.4 million from US$ 266.13 million in February 2016. Gold medallions and coin export increase to US$436.4 million from US$ 250.4 million. Colored Gemstone exports rose to US$ 65.20 million, which valued US$ 51.29 million in February last year.

Imports of rough diamonds increased in volume terms by 14.1 percent to 17.8 million carats, but the imports of rough diamonds decreased 2.9 percent to US$ 1.51 billion. On the other hand, cut and polished diamond imports slipped 19.8 percent to US$ 177.89 million.


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