Origin of Natural Precious Gemstones

Loved by almost all the cultures and religions of the world, precious gemstones have been in demand for many eras now. These stones are not only beautiful to look at but also possess some excellent properties that link them to the celestial world – the world of divine energy.

But where do these gemstones originate? Well, the precious stone origins hold a lot of significance when it comes to determining their true worth.

Let’s take a look at a few of these precious gemstones and some of their most popular sources of origin:

Yellow Sapphire

Ceylon Astrological Sapphire Fine 4CT (6.67 Ratti)
Ceylon Astrological Sapphire Fine 4CT (6.67 Ratti)

Linked to the Planet Jupiter, a pure yellow sapphire gemstone is the powerhouse of intellect, wealth, prosperity and happiness. Here are some of its origins:

Brazil: Famous for producing light yellow colored sapphires, Brazil is said to provide the best quality yellow sapphire stone.

Rhodesia: Not quite high in quality, the pukhraj stones from Rhodesia are usually colorless.

Russia: A trusted producer of high-quality yellow sapphire stone, Russia is famous for being one of the leading suppliers of yellow sapphires in the world.

Sri Lanka –Again the supplier of light yellow sapphires, Sri Lanka certainly comes in the first few ranks when it comes to finding the best sources of premium quality yellow sapphire gemstones.

Blue Sapphire

Ceylon Astrological Sapphire Std. 4.25CT (7.08 Ratti)
Ceylon Astrological Sapphire Std. 4.25CT (7.08 Ratti)

Associated with the dominant planet Saturn, Blue Sapphire is the fastest acting gemstones and the strongest of them all. It is available in different parts of the world, some of which are:

Sri Lanka: Another top contender in the race of producing fine quality blue sapphire stone is Sri Lanka. Its another name is the Ceylon blue sapphire, different varieties are available in these gemstones.

Australia: High-quality blue sapphire stones are mined in Australia. These stones are usually dark in color.

Burma: The Burmese blue sapphires are also dark blue in color and are often called midnight blue. These are beautiful to the eyes and are pretty easy to cut.

India: One of the top producers of stunning blue sapphire gemstones, India is home to high-quality Neelam stones. These stones are largely found in Kashmir, and some are also discovered in South India’s Salem district.

Emerald Gemstone

Colombian Emerald Gemstone Fine 5CT (8.33 Ratti)
Colombian Emerald Gemstone Fine 5CT (8.33 Ratti)

Associated with the planet Mercury, emerald or Panna stone is said to bring immense intelligence, creativity, and clarity of thoughts for the wearer. Let’s take a look at some of the famous sources of emerald gemstone:

America: It is the best place for producing excellent quality emerald stones, American emeralds are light green in color and are usually mines in North Carolina.

Brazil: This country has been producing emerald stones for many decades now. Brazilian emeralds are usually darker in tone than their counterparts.

Colombia: Basically, Colombian emeralds are the most beautiful varieties of emerald stones . They are good for their quality, color, and uniqueness.So, its consider as best emeralds.

India: India also produces emeralds, usually in places like Ajmer. With a stunning gleam, these are quite famous amongst gem lovers.

At Sehdev Jewellers we have high-quality emerald gemstones that are from Colombia and Zambia. All stones are certified from Gem Lab and are available in various shapes and sizes.

Ruby Stone

Ruby Gemstone
Ruby Gemstone

Ruby is the king of precious stones, Ruby represents the planet Sun and its bring energy, passion, power, and love to the wearer. Here are some famous ruby gemstone origin places:

Burma: Its available in dark red color, Burmese rubies are  best varieties of these gemstones which available across the world.

Kabul: A eminent supplier of ruby gemstones, Kabul mines rubies in large quantities and its exceptional quality stones.

Sri Lanka: Another major supplier of ruby gemstones after Burma, Sri Lanka produces rubies that are not as fine as Burmese rubies.

Thailand: By extracting or mining rubies from the mines of Bangkok, Thailand produces some of the top qualities of rubies ever.


Pearl Gemstone

Pearl Fresh Water 10CT (16.67 Ratti)
Pearl Fresh Water 10CT (16.67 Ratti)

Connected to the planet Moon, the pearl gemstone represents peace, calmness, health, and wisdom. It is available in several regions of the world. Some of these include:

Bahrain: Bahrain pearls have got the distinction of being one of the leading assortments of pearls available in this day and age. Therefore these are usually expensive.

India: Typically found in the Bay of Bengal, Tuticorin in South India and Darbhanga in Bihar, pearl gemstones from India are available in a wide range.

Sri Lanka: Basically,Elegant and bright color pearls are discover from Sri Lanka. Therefore these are often high in quality and loved by millions of pearl shoppers.

Venezuela: The pearls found in Venezuela are so good in quality that they compete with the Bahrain pearls. Also called the Basra Pearls, these are well-known for their gorgeous rainbow shimmer.

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