Origin And Tradition Of Earrings

There is something magical about earrings as they are unique and move with a life of their own. They are the most commonly worn types of fashionable jewelry that is desired by every woman.

Nowadays the value of earrings lies in their beauty and in their tradition. Jewell’s beauty depends on their origin and tradition that makes them precious. Earrings evolved dramatically in size, shape, and design since 3000 B.C.

The Ancient World

In ancient population earrings as a symbol of richness, good luck charms or worn for practical purposes. In ancient times, earrings were a predominantly male ornament.

They were originated in the Bronze Age and could symbolize a high social status. Wealthy Greek and Roman ladies used earrings set with pearl stone to signify their social status. They wore jewels with topaz, garnet, and sapphires.


The Sixteenth to Eighteenth Centuries

In Europe, the role of earrings virtually disappear between the 11th and 16th century because of hairstyles and headdresses which almost covered their ears.The time of late sixteenth century, earrings began to revitalize.

And in the seventeenth century, earrings attained more value, with set gems or pearls and were widely use as an ornament for women.

In the countries of the ancient Orient, the silver and gold earrings embedded with ruby, sapphire and emerald gemstone were very popular. During this period pearl shaped pearl pendants were a choice and it becomes a popular fashion.

The Nineteenth and Twentieth Century

In 1810 and 1820 the settings of gold filigree or elaborate wire work were very popular. In 1830 hairstyles become intricate, earrings become more prominent with small tops and long drops.

At the end of the eighteenth century, and earrings became lighter and simpler because of a neoclassical style of dress and simple hairstyles.

In the 19th century matched sets of jewelry assumed a new importance which includes matching necklace or brooch and earrings. In 1990 there was no dominant style in earrings, although historical revivals have been an important trend.


Tradition of Earrings

The tradition of wearing earrings is not only a matter of fashion, but it is also symbol and special meanings. In Central African tribes, women like wearing big earrings, as symbols of seduction, sexuality, and femininity. Its also symbol as its protects young girls against evil and in Mali.

Today even men wear earrings, in metal or with little gems that are a tradition continued from ancient times. Latest earring trends include a gamut of gorgeousness. The traditions in earrings are:

Jhumkis: They complement every face, complexion, etc. They give a traditional look to dazzle in the party.

Jhumkis Style
Jhumkis Style

Hoops: The vibrant hoops suit almost all attire and make the right style statement for you.

Hoops Style
Hoops Style

Elegant Studs: These studs also give an elegant look at the office party or a casual evening with friends.

Elegant Studs
Elegant Studs

Gemstone Studded Earrings: These drop earrings make you look stunning and take your look to the next level.

Gemstone Earrings
Gemstone Earrings
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