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Tips To Select The Right Shade Of Blue Sapphire Gemstone

Sapphires have been the stunning gemstones that have lured many men and women into their world of exquisiteness. For centuries now, these gems are considered as a possession worth having. Many women are choosing them for their engagement rings. When it comes to buying that perfect blue sapphire, it is important to select the right shade. Here’s a quick guide for the Tips To Select The Right Shade Of Blue Sapphire Gemstone.

And why not? After all the beauty that they exude is second to none. Although all varieties of sapphires receive great admiration, one of the most liked sapphires is blue. A symbol of royalty, this stone can add great charm to the persona of any wearer.

When it comes to buying that perfect blue sapphire, it is important to select the right shade. Here’s a quick guide to how can you do that:

Blue Sapphire Color

The color or the hue of a blue sapphire holds a lot of significance in making it look great. Your chosen blue sapphire color should be the one that reflects ‘true’ blue and nothing sort of a ‘dull’ blue.

While the variety does include options like royal blue, pale baby blue sapphires, often, the blue color that is loved the most is a gorgeous, vivid velvety blue to violet in hue.

Blue Sapphire Tone

Now, the next tip is to carefully look at the tone of your preferred blue sapphire gemstone. It is nothing but the relative lightness or darkness of a color.

Most people prefer picking a blue sapphire that carries a medium to dark tone – enhancing the beauty of the stone furthermore.

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Blue Sapphire Saturation

Another important consideration while buying blue sapphire is the level of saturation of the stone. It is the brightness or purity of the color. The more the saturation of the stone, the better it will look. So, pick a blue sapphire gem that has good saturation to reflect its loveliness.

Blue Sapphire Sources of Origin

sapphire source map
sapphire source map

While you might think that picking a blue sapphire has little to do with its origin, that’s just not the case. Despite the fact that these stones are mined from various regions located in different parts of the world, there are some highly popular and reliable sources of blue sapphires. Let’s take a look at some of them.


From the spectacular royal blue to the fresh crisp blue, the sapphires from Burma, are admired by all and desired by many. The best variety of these sapphires include gems that carry a rich yet a little violetish blue tone. But you can get quite a light blue sapphire from Burma as well.


Even though Kashmir Blue Sapphires are one of the rarest qualities of the gemstone, these sleepy silky deep blue gems are known to belong to the best available blue sapphires in the world.

Sri Lanka

Also popularly called the Ceylon blue sapphire, these are famous for their dazzling transparent surface that comes in pastel shades to rich blue ones.



Another much-loved variety of blue sapphires, the Madagascar blue sapphires are usually pure in hue, but you can also get some stones that have a secondary green hue, which makes them look truly exotic.

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Ceylon Astrological Sapphire Pre 7.25CT (12.08 Ratti)
Ceylon Astrological Sapphire Pre 7.25CT (12.08 Ratti)
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