What is Super Premium Grade Sapphires ?

The best in all form of a natural sapphire.The properties are very high and the cut clarity levels are unique in all form.

This grade will also have inclusions which some times are not seen with naked eye.

What is Premium Grade Sapphires?

Would have Lesser Inclusion level.Please remember while any astrological gems…Natural gem will always have inclusions such lines and internal birth marks.

Which for a layman feels these are cracks…so usually suppliers with heating n treatment process those are made clear and color enhancement is done.

Premium Grade Sapphire’s Cut,Clarity,color are more brighter then Standard n Fine grades.

Higher the grade optimum the results.

What is Fine Grading Sapphire?

Would have Medium inclusion levels..Color,Clarity levels are much better then standard grades.

Properties levels are good.

What is Standard Grade Sapphires?

Would have higher inclusion levels…which in layman language we call lines inside the gem.The clarity levels will be low.Some gems will appear to look like feathers or webs type of looks.

Some clients feel the gem is cracked when they see inside the gem…but those are internal inclusions with are called birth marks.

GemLab will never certify any gem which does not go through quality parameters.

Rest Standard Grade is also purely used for astrological purposes for clients who cant afford a higher grading product.

Secondly the jewelers have the option of keeping gems as per their clients.



How Much time it takes to show results after wearing?

That part is decide by your astrologer.

Is there any astrological difference between Dark or Light emeralds?

There is no such difference till date we have noticed from our clients.

What is the difference between Dark n Light Emeralds?

Difference is the Origin from were the gem is procured.Dark emeralds of Zambian n Brazilian mines.Light sea green emeralds are from Colombian mines.

What If I receive a mismatch product which is different from displayed?

Firstly chance of mismatch is Zero..reason every product is give a GIN ( gem Identification Number) and every gem is unique from each other.

But still you feel its a Mismatch you can claim your hassle free replacement…within the return period.

Are The Gems Displayed Non heated- Non Treated?

Yes,All gems displayed and approved via GemLab are in pure form.

What is Standard Grade Emeralds?

Emeralds of standard are Translucent with zero light passing through.Gems will have rough kind of finish and black birth marks.Black birth marks are sign of purity,as emeralds are form of Lava so having black spots is not a negative.

Layman buyers have a view that black spots have negative effects,which is all false.

What are the difference between the grades displayed?

Every grade has its own properties, Inclusion levels,Clarity levels.Higher the grading optimum the results.


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