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Case Study 2: Customers Queries About Natural Gemstones


Ques 11: Can natural Yellow Sapphire gemstone will wear on Saturday if the tithi is Purnima?

Ans: No we cannot wear sapphire on Purnima Tithi. The day of wearing Yellow Sapphire is Thursday.

Ques 12: Where can I get the genuine stone?

Ans: For genuineness of precious gemstones we should buy it from renowned gem laboratory like- GIA, GEM LAB INDIA etc

Ques 13: Which is the purest coral, how can we identify it?

Ans: It is difficult for a layman to identify particular natural gemstone is genuine or not but it has certain properties which make it some sort of difference from synthetic one like When real coral seen with magnifier glass,it will appear smooth or plane whereas an inferior or low-quality coral will have inclusions or dark spot .

Second, when real coral rubbed against a mirror it does not produce any sound, whereas, synthetic coral  produce a heavy sound.

Ques 14: What is the difference between the Standard, Fine and Premium grade?

Ans: This grading has been done on the basis of clarity, color;-

STANDARD GRADE: Normal color, Normal clarity
FINE GRADE: Good color and good clarity.
PREMIUM GRADE: Excellent color and excellent clarity.

Ques 15: Is the natural gemstones are degradable or non-degradable?

Ans: As they come in the contact of physical environment so all gemstones are degradable .Due to wear and tear reason we may say that the gemstone gets depreciate .

Ques 16: Some Emerald are dark green some are light green. what is the difference between them? Which one I should choose?

Ans: The difference between Emerald gemstone is only of origin. As dark green Emeralds are basically from Zambia & Brazil and light green emeralds comes from Columbia.

Further, before choosing a particular color of the stone, you need to consult with your astrologer and also one can buy according to their budget.

Ques 17: Is it mention natural gemstone origin on the certificate?

Ans: Some companies may provide you a certificate with origin. But, in some cases, it depends on the policy of gemstone company whether they want to mention the Origin or not because origin determination is the destructive process .

Ques 18: How to cut and convert Blue Sapphire to perfect oval shape square shape?

Ans: Gemstone cutting is based on science. Each gem material has a known refractive index which allows a gem cutter to determine how light rays will bend as they pass through the stone.

The three most basic cutting styles are brilliant, step, and mixed.

Ques 19: I want to know that Opal, Tourmaline, onyx, carnelian. Can I wear all of them at one time?

Ans:  Though these gemstones are semi-precious or also known as crystal, before wearing you must take gemstone recommendation, despite the fact it may not bring a huge adversely effect in one’s life, but it is wisely said precaution is better than cure.

Ques 20: Can I wear coral in Sade Sati?

Ans: Generally, No you cannot wear red coral in Sade Sati but you can go for this if it is recommended to you by an expert Vedic astrologer otherwise it adversely affects you. Shani blessed Blue Sapphire Gemstone which is Neelam can be worn for removing the ill effects of Sade-Sati


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