Rare Colombian Emeralds With “Butterfly Wing” Effect Or “Gota De Aceite”

Emerald gemstone is a symbol of kindliness and power that is known for its charm & beauty. Gota de Aceite is the most valuable and rarest quality of Emerald gemstone.

The word Gota de Aceite is a Spanish word that means “drop of oil”. This term is relates with the Colombian emerald. This effect can be available in only one in a thousand stones mainly those of high-quality stones.

The term gota de Aceite is also name as “butterfly wing effect ” which means efectoaleta de mariposa in Spanish.

The impact comes by an impermanent intrusion of the crystallization process in a few emeralds and to the development of inner calcite.

The calcite stays into the crystal amid the entire setup stage. It is secured amid the gem’s development, until the arrangement of the gem.

Calcite’s solid remains have a refractive list that discourages the light separating into the crystal, cooperating with it to make impacts and plane splendid figures like butterfly wings which appear to be alive when we move the gem in our grasp.

The butterfly effect is cherish because of its beauty, uniqueness and most significantly because of its rarity. This effect can be available only in one emerald among one or two thousand emeralds.

It is always the Colombian emerald that shows this effect because of the high concentration of calcite in Colombian mines.

In some uncommon cases, the “butterfly wing” effect might be because of specular light reflections on the two faces of the break, with air incorporation.

In any case, this impact is continually charming and specialists depict “butterfly wing” emeralds as oily and liquid gems, as though they moved always on account of light impacts.

The oily appearance legitimizes the expression “gota de aceite” (a drop of oil) used to call these gems, regardless of the possibility that it can be truly broad and utilized for all great Colombian emeralds, recognizing the starting point of the gemstones.

In Colombia, this expression has a tendency to be extremely nonexclusive and frequently mishandle on the grounds that it is regularly use to characterize emeralds of superb quality.


As per the optical viewpoint, this splendid effect is accent by another rare quality of Colombian emeralds.

These gemstones have a natural fluorescence because the eye gets the green hue of the stones . Our senses are allure by the red fluorescence present inside the crystal.

The “butterfly wing” impact has dependably pulled in the enthusiasm of specialists. The Gubelin who was the first to notice this phenomenon in his gemological research center.

Be that as it may, it didn’t produce at the time of its disclosure. It exists from when the unstoppable force of life exists as it is a characteristic wonder creating in deep mines. Frame the minute in which emerald causes capturing, as though by enchantment, the vibrating wings of a butterfly.

We can’t state if their beating will bring about a sea tempest. However, the wonder of these illustrations, most likely incites an enthusiastic tempest in the onlookers.


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