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Case Study 1: Customers Queries About Natural Gemstones

Ques 1: How to authenticate the genuineness of any particular gemstone?

Ans- Generally it is impossible for a layman to check the genuineness of any particular gemstone, so it is highly recommended these days to wear natural gemstones that is certified from a renowned gemstone lab like – GIA, GEMLAB INDIA

Ques 2: Which Country Yellow Sapphire is the best Ceylon or Bangkok?

Ans- Ceylon Sapphires have their origin in Sri Lanka. Ceylon Yellow Sapphire Quality depends on Color, Clarity, and Cut/Shape. Best Quality Yellow Sapphire stones come from Ceylon, Sri Lanka.

The Bangkok sapphire, in contrast, is quite cheaper. But that doesn’t mean that their value isn’t much. They are also one of the most highly demanded and valued sapphires in the world for jewelry.

Ques 3: Can Pukhraj and Panna be wearing together for mesh lagna?

Ans- It is not beneficial to wear these gemstones together because their corresponding planets that are mercury and Jupiter are mutual enemies towards each other. This further means they tend to counter each other strengths.

Ques 4:  Can I wear Red Coral in the neck?

Ans- Generally, astrologers or gemologist ask people to wear a red coral stone (moonga Ratna) or other gemstones in the fingers.

Hence wearing red coral or any other stones in fingers produces more influence results in the lives of a human compared to wearing a pendant or necklace. But, If one should want to wear red coral in the neck then after the astrologer recommendation, one can wear it.

Ques 5: Difference between Arabian Sea pearl and Japan pearl?

Ans-Difference between two is of only Luster only.

Arabian Sea pearl is the oldest natural pearl ever found at an archeological site, both in the Arabian Peninsula and in the rest of the world. Japan is presently the most abundant producer of Akoya pearls over 7mm which are the most well-known saltwater pearls. The term Japanese pearls are synonymous with Akoya pearls, which simply are saltwater pearls from the Akoya oyster.

Ques 6: Can I wear a Pearl bracelet and Blue Sapphire ring together?

Ans- No, according to Vedic astrology blue sapphire and pearl gemstone are conflicting gemstone as they are, belong to enemy planets of each other so you cannot wear it together. Further, there is no difference whether you wear one in a bracelet and other on a ring as they come in contact with your body, they will start to rule their respecting planets of your chart.

Ques 7: Can you please help me to understand the type of Ruby stones?

Ans-There are different types of ruby gemstones exist in the market. From types of ruby gemstones, we actually have the idea of the mining area of ruby gemstones from its type name, these are:

1. Burmese Ruby Stones:

These rubies have a deep red color due to the presence of chromium in it.Its found in Myanmar.

2. African Ruby Stone:

The best color of African rubies is the fine dark red color. Its found in Mozambique and Kenya.

3. Thai Ruby Gemstone:

These rubies are dark in color due to the combination of iron and Chromium. Thai rubies come from the southeast of Bangkok.

4. Tanzania Ruby Gemstone:

These ruby gemstones are mined from the Songea region. The appearance of the Tanzania ruby stone is quite similar to hessonite stone due to its color.

5. Afghanistan Ruby Gemstones:

The color of the original ruby stone found in this area ranges from light red to dark red in color, The mines of the Afghanistan rubies are in the Badakshan and Jagdalek regions.

Ques 8: How much carat/Ratti of emerald I need to buy for mercury zodiac sign?

Ans-If you are recommended by expert vedic astrologer then you should buy according to your body weight like 1/10th of your body weight equal to 1 ratti.For example-if your weight is 60 kg then you need to buy 6 Ratti of emerald.

Ques 9: Can topaz give an equal result like yellow sapphire?

Ans- As per astrologers & renowned gemologist, the answer is “yes,” they admit that yellow topaz stone can give a result like yellow sapphire stone but the result would be partial as Yellow Topaz is the substitute of the Yellow Sapphire Gemstone.

By partially, we mean that though a yellow topaz stone can’t provide the equivalent benefits as an original yellow sapphire does. But it still serves the purpose effectively for those who have a tight budget and can’t pay for the expensive yellow sapphire stone.


Ques 10: Can I wear pink or white Coral stone instead of red?

Ans-we should wear the gemstone on the basis of gemstone recommendation given by an astrologer, pink, white, red coral belong to one family so the difference between them is of the only color.

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