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Which Gemstone Attract Wealth?

Using gemstones to invite wealth into life has been a tradition age-old. Gemstones are considered the most effective tool for attracting financial gains in life. Gemstones have been influential for materialistic and non-materialistic gains since the Vedic times.

Precious stones possess concentrated energies that influence the energy of the stars and planets to spread positivity ad gain in your life.


Blue Sapphire

Blue Sapphire is one of the most potent gemstones with immense power to influence the wearer’s life. Gaining financial success in life depends on plenty of factors. You have to put in hard work and be consistent.

But even after all your efforts, if money is not visiting your life, there may be unsuitable planetary influences. Saturn is a significant planet associated with wealth and fortune. Sometimes, due to the ill effects of Saturn, there is restricted wealth flow.

Blue Sapphire is the greatest weapon to neutralise the evil influence of Saturn. It is beneficial to stabilise the wealth you gain and overcome the bad phases in life.



The golden yellow coloured gemstone is often referred to as the “Luck Merchant’s Stone.” Citrine can activate the Crown Chakra, which is essential for money manifestation and financial gains.

Citrine looks incredible when you put it in jewellery pieces like rings and pendants. You can also place Citrine in the cash drawers for better money flow. Citrine has been carried as a lucky charm by merchants since time immemorial.

You can also keep this age-old tradition alive by using Citrine. Please place it in your wallet to always carry luck by your side. Citrine is associated with sun rays due to the resemblance in shades.

Sun is the ultimate symbol of vitality, growth, and perseverance. Citrine helps induce these virtues in the wearer that can help them attract wealth.



Also known in India as Panna is the stone for abundance. Emerald is synonymous with wealth, prosperity, and abundance in lids. It resonates with cash, money, wealth assets, and a fulfilling life.

Emerald gemstone can bring luck to real estate businessmen. An emerald can be an excellent option for dealing with property and real estate assets. It helps to make the right decisions.

Emerald is also best suggested for people who need help making the right decisions for acquiring or preserving money. Emerald induces positive energy in life, enhancing better wealth management.


Green Aventurine

This stone is associated with the heart Chakra. The best use of this gemstone is to bring back the money you have lost already due to some incidents. It could be an accident or any unwise decision.

Aventurine will set your energy profile on the right track and help restore wealth in your life. Using Aventurine as a pendant for best results and keeping it closer to your heart is recommended.

Aventurine is a lucky talisman for new business ventures. You can place it in your office, workplace, or production units for abundance and betterment. Don’t forget to place it in your drawers and lockers where you store wealth., It is lucky to earn money through business.



When it comes to good luck with wealth, Pyrite is the most well-known stone. The other name of Pyrite is Fool’s Gold. There is an inherent capability in Pyrite to attract wealth and good luck. It can attract cash and prosperity.

Pyrite is known to activate a unique energy profile for attracting wealth. Pyrite cultivates abundance in your life. Experts recommend this gemstone to stay away from procrastination and negative energy.

It works with the Solar plexus Chakra and has fantastic healing properties. Pyrite is one of the most famous Feng Shui stones as it activates “XUN,” or the wealth corner of the house.



If you cannot attain financial stability, it can be due to your inability to preserve wealth. Garnet enhances the ability to improve wealth because it caters to the planetary energy from Rahu.

Garnet – one of the most dazzling stones attracts health, happiness, prosperity, and wisdom for the wearers. Granet is ideal for people struggling with poverty and poor financial status for a very long time in succession.

In a nutshell, it is a one-stop solution for all your problems. Garnets are birthstones for the January born.

Green Jade

Not all people are poor because they are dull or lazy. Some also lack wealth because they consider themselves unworthy of earning more money. Such people need help understanding their true potential and need more confidence and boldness to try anything new.

They have self-imposed restrictions on their credibility, which keeps their potential locked. Therefore Green Jade has been used in Chinese Feng Shui for a long time to promote harmony and peace that are closely associated with unlocking new potential and eventually attracting money in life.



It is easy to gain wealth but equally challenging to retain the same. Therefore the same goes for success. If you are a person who has enough wealth, inherited it, or earned it but is not confident whether you will be able to retain it, Malachite is all you need.

Malachite is also known as the energy magnet because it attracts wealth and helps keep it. Finance and wealth are often considered energy, and Malachite can attract almost any energy.



The Egyptian civilisation was one of the richest in the world. They have been extremely wealthy people. The pharaohs and queens of Egypt had riches to buy the world. Therefore the deep histories of Egyptian culture reflect that they believed that the key to their wealth was Peridot. Peridots generate exponential wealth.

Due to this property of the stone is often passed down as generational wealth to multiply the owner’s wealth in succession. Also, if you are under a wave of debt, peridot can help you get out of it eventually.


When choosing gemstones to attract wealth, always buy authentic ones from reputed sellers. Genuine gemstones have immense power to instill your life with the wisdom and courage needed to attract wealth.

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