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All About Substitute Of Blue Sapphire


Blue Sapphire certified gemstones is One of the best and fast-acting gemstones among the navratnas. It is said to comprise corrective forces and capabilities.It also helps in fighting illness and overseeing the well-being of a person. Blue Sapphire often referred to as Neelam in Hindi.It is also popular among film stars and even the British Royalty. It goes without saying that Princess Diana had Blue8437303040 Sapphire as her wedding ring.

Blue Sapphire is the gemstone of planet Saturn. Neelam stone helps to bring luck and prosperity if worn the right way on the right finger. However, before wearing the gemstone, it is best to consult with expert vedic astrologer.

Given the clarity, the cut, and the size of the Blue Sapphire gemstone, it could be expensive for the common man to bear. Therefore, some of them to wear its substitute, which could be a little pocket-friendly.

Substitutes of Blue Sapphire are as follows :


  • Amethyst Stone-It is consider as perfect substitute because of similar looks and transcendental powers.
  • It clears the auras and the chakras and helps one to move ahead with higher states of consciousness. The Amethyst has hues varying from deep purple to pinkish violet.
  • This stone is also known as Jamuniya or Billor. Amethyst is governed by the planet Uranus. It also helps in meditation and enhancing psychic abilities. It also helps in decision-making and clear thinking.

Blue Topaz

  • Blue Topaz is use for astrological and ornamental jewelry. It is really beneficial when worn on the 4th anniversary of any given occasion. It also helps to removing Saturn’s malefic effects.
  • It helps in clear expression and in fluent communication. It is best for people who have issues in articulating their thoughts and ideas. People who have issues with their throat can wear the gemstone. It also improves vision and calms anger.
  • The gemstone is great for professionals like salespeople, travelers, and businessmen. It also helps in removing homesickness. However, what attracts women to the gemstone is that it slows down aging.

Astrological benefits of Amethyst and Topaz

Some key benefits of the stones are as follows:
1.Both the stones convert negative energies into positive energies.
2.Amethyst and topaz both protect individuals from psychic attacks.
3.In the same way they both increase concentration and soothe the mind.
4.The Amethyst prevents the wearer from committing a crime.
5.Blue Topaz improves sleep and cures insomnia. It also cures thyroid problems.
6.They also reduce people’s dependency on alcohol.
7.Both the substitutes bring wealth and help in prospering trade and business, especially the ones who are dealing in iron, coal, law, jury, oil, and fuel.
8.Enhance love and understanding between spouses.
9.Also these substitutes can take care of the overall health of the wearer. It heals the knees, backbone, shoulders, feet, legs, hair, etc.

Lolite Gemstone

  • This gemstone looks very similar to that of the Blue Sapphire. It comes in a gorgeous blue hue and a velvety reflection. This gemstone brings wisdom, discipline, dedication, spiritual enlightenment, and patience in the life of the wearer.
  • It can also heal mental weakness, mental imbalance, paralysis, insanity, depression, and problems related to the feet. Lolite is also considered to bring a lot of wealth, name, fame, and stamina. Reputation and longevity are some other benefits that the Iolite has to offer.

You can buy substitutes and sapphire stone online. It is best to check with Your astrologer who can go through your horoscope and suggest the most appropriate gemstone, depending on the planetary positions. Nevertheless, if you can manage to buy Blue Sapphire stone online, do so because there cannot be any substitute for the same, really!

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