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9 Gemstones | Uses of Nav-Ratnas (Nine Gemstones) in jewellery

9 Gemstones Uses of NavRatnas (Nine Gemstones) in jewellery
9 Gemstones Uses of NavRatnas (Nine Gemstones) in jewellery

Introduction of Gemstone:-

Gemstones have been used since ancient times and worn by people in various forms like rings, pendants, bracelets, etc., to avoid the evil effects of Grahas (Planets) and enhance the benefits of certain beneficial Grahas and also to the wearer’s beauty and personality.

Astrology of gemstones

Our Life is full of reverses, difficulties, and obstacles. Everyone wants peace in Life. Worry and anxiety disturb us too often. How does one overcome these troubles?

Astrology explains all this in a clear-cut manner. The planets enter the body through one’s first breath when one is born. The location of the heavenly bodies determines one’s destiny at that time, and these planets guide the future. So the directional influences of the planets could do much in building one’s career.

The Uses of Nav- Ratnas According to Planetary Position

The Planets are in constant motion. The Gochara movements of the planets determine the day-to-day events in life.  There is one more way of using gems- making a ring in which all the nine gems are set in a particular order, as follows:

Emerald Diamond Pearl
Yellow sapphire Ruby Coral
Cats eye Blue sapphire Hessonite
The Uses of Nav- Ratnas According to Planetary Position

A pendulum with these nine gems worn like a necklace is also helpful. The Gemstone size in a ring becomes too small, but in the pendulum, they can be set in any size, and beautiful shapes can be created.

The Diagram is made with wheat flour, and beans. The Color of the planets is use to fill the squares.

In conclusion, There is one crucial thing about the nine gemstone pendulum or ring. All Gems used for setting should be flawless and of good quality to obtain maximum benefit. If all gems are not ideal, the ruby should at least be large, lustrous, and perfect.

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