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Right Way To Take Care Of Gold Jewelry


Gold jewelry has a timeless appeal and can be worn with practically all kinds dresses. To make sure that your jewelry retains its shine for a long time.It is important that you take good care of it .

Here are some of the tips when you are looking to take good care of your gold jewelry.

  1. Even though gold has its own distinct luster and shine, it is still a rather soft metal. Hence gold jewelry is very susceptible to dents, scratches & dings. So if you wearing gold bracelets, rings or watches, make sure that you take them off when you are looking to play any kind of high-contact sports.
  2. Remove the jewelry or cover them properly while cleaning. The household cleaning solutions that include acids can have a adverse effect on the finish of the jewelry. If you still want to get your gold jewelry cleaned, you must wear rubber gloves during the cleaning process. This can not only protect your gold jewelry but also prevent your skin from getting damaged.
  3. One of the worst enemies of gold jewelry is chlorine. So you take off and keep it in a safe place before swimming in a spa or pool .
  4. You should also take off your jewelry before you go bathing at home. Wearing gold jewelry when you are taking a bath can actually give rise to a covering and building of foam and soap that can create a film over your gold jewelry. This is naturally going to ruin them in due course of time.
  5. A lot of women tend to put on their jewelry as the first thing while getting ready. However, the truth is that the ingredients used in makeup, hair spray, lotions, and perfume can damage the gold jewelry. Therefore, it is important that first complete your makeup then wear the jewelry.

Follow these tips when you want to clean your gold jewellery items:

  1.  Alcohol is the best ingredient to clean your gold jewelry items.
  2. It is perfectly alright to use alcohol to clean the gold jewellery.But make sure that you never use bleach its damage your jewelry items.
  3. To have the best results when you are cleaning your gold jewellery, you can soak them for three hours and gently scrub them with a soft brush. Finally, rinse your gold jewelry items under clean water before blotting them dry using a clean cloth.
  4. If you want some extra shine on your gold jewellery, make use of a dedicated jewellery polishing cloth to get the best effect.
  5. While cleaning your gold jewellery, you should try to see if there are any kinds of loose stones or damages.

Apart from these tips , make sure that you have a good  jewellery box for keeping your  jewelry items .


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