How To Bring Life To Your Old Jewelry?

It is often difficult to think when it comes to Heirloom jewelry or Old Jewry. Many people either sell their old jewelry or put them safely in the bank.

Often times we wear only our favorite jewelry items, leaving behind some beautiful pieces. In this way, their heirloom jewelry remains unworn. Since each jewelry piece contains a rich and long history, so just putting them in the bank or selling your heirloom piece is not worth.

In this blog, I will tell you some of the clever and easiest ways to how to bring life to your old jewelry

Set it with Gemstones:

An idea to consider is that nowadays gemstones are in fashion. So you can reset the stones in your old jewelry pieces which will give them a new look.

Some time back, my Grandmother gifted me a beautiful Georgian parure-jewelry that include a necklace, earrings, brooch, and ring.

The necklace was set with a blue topaz gemstone which was quite dated for today’s fashion, but the design of other jewelry items was outdated. I thought to sell the jewelry pieces, but at the same time, I got emotional as these jewelry pieces were gifted by my grandmother and their many emotions involved in them.

After this, I planned to reconstruct my jewelry according to fashion. Then I set the gemstones in my all jewelry pieces and they look ravishing now. So instead of selling them, you can add colors to your jewelry to bring new meaning to your vintage jewelry.

Set with Gemstones
Set with Gemstones

Create your jewelry entirely new:

Another alternative is to redesign your old jewelry. There are many jewelry designers who will make your old pieces into new designs and no one will be able to recognize whether this is your old jewelry or new.

They can transform your old brooches into an imaginative pendant; and a beautiful ring into the dated stylish ring. Sehdev Jewellers are the reputable gemstone dealers to contact if you want to recreate your old jewelry pieces.

New Style Jewelry
New Style Jewelry

Mix and Match Styles:

You can also give new life to your jewelry, by just wearing them in a stylish way. There is no need to revive your jewelry in all cases, you can just style your jewelry from vintage to modern. There is a trick called mix and match in which you can mix your metals with your old jewelry and make it fashionable and trendy.

Mix and Match Styles
Mix and Match Styles

Cleaning and Inspection

Another way to revive your jewelry is to have it professionally cleaned and inspected from jewelers. With professional cleaning, your old jewelry will regain its sparkle.

Sehdev Jewellers are the trusted gemstone suppliers that not only will clean your jewelry, but also inspect your gems and settings. Your old pieces will look brand new and fashionable.

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