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Precious Gemstones – The Road to Prosperity

All About Precious Gemstone Benefits

Over the centuries, humans have believed that certain precious gemstones help them attract prosperity and wealth like none other. These precious gemstones have a positive effect on the owner’s reputation. Certain gemstones will work best for you if you want to attract prosperity and abundance. Citrine, Jade, Tiger’s Eye, Sunstone, and Pyrite are some of the most precious stones for prosperity. Jasper and Peridot are semi- precious gemstones that help in inviting prosperity to life.

The influence of gemstones on our luck is undeniable. Several beliefs have prioritized gemstones for attracting prosperity. The Hindu Vedic and Greek Unanai cultures have detailed documents on how gemstones can attract prosperity in our life. The science of Precious gemstones bringing luck to life is – the gemstones have some inherent energy in them. Whenever any human wears the gemstones, it aligns with the owner’s aura. There are resultant energy denominations that create a positive or a negative energy channel around the wearer.

Precious Gemstones have conserved energy that interplays with planetary motion and their energy cycles. Gemstone owners can thus expect a positive influence of universal energy. Wearing gemstones as part of jewellery is an age-old belief. Kings and royals used to wear gemstones until they became available for even the commoners if they wanted to attract prosperity and reputation in their life, not just in terms of material weather but also immaterial wealth.


Citrine is also known as the merchant’s stone. It has been used for a long time by merchants and traders to attract luck and prosperity in business. This one is ideal if you are associated with business and want to attract prosperity. Even if you are not expecting prosperity in business and want some incredible luck and well-being in your personal life, you can try wearing citrine. The pretty yellow coloured stones attract good luck. The best way to use them is by keeping them in cash drawers or wallets. You can also incorporate ornaments.


Pyrite, or the “Fool’s Gold”, is the ultimate stone for attracting wealth, good luck and prosperity. it has an appearance like gold. The similarity of looks with one of the most precious gemstone metals on the planet makes this gemstone a luck bearer. it is the precious gemstone of luck and prosperity. If you have been experiencing a lot of bad luck lately, Gemstone is a great option to break the shackles of bad times and invite good luck.


Blue Sapphire and Yellow sapphire strongly attract money and wealth. They are actual signs of prosperity. If you want to attract vital energy to your birth houses, Blue sapphire is the best. Many people put in enough labour but need to get the desired outcome. This can be due to the mal effects of Saturn in their birth charts. The ill effects of Saturn bar a person from attaining prosperity and wealth. Blue Sapphire neutralises the ill effects of Saturn and invites luck for prosperity and wealth.


According to Chinese Feng Shui, jade is one of the most potent gemstones that bears luck. Jade is powerful and brings ambition, great luck and prosperity in life. Traditionally, the Chinese carved jades into dragons to wear as jewellery. Jade attracts not only material wealth but also status and reputation. The use of jade was immensely popular among Chinese rulers.


Peridot is geographically found in regions in and around Egypt. Hence it was worn mainly by the Egyptian Pharaos. Egypt has always been associated with abundance, wealth and a rich aura. Peridot is also associated with the same. Peridots are the best for prosperity and wealth. You can craft beautifully designed jewellery pieces with the same because they look fantastic. Also, you can place them in your treasure boxes or cash drawers.


It will help you attract success and prosperity like never before. It is the money game changer in your life. Malachite is so powerful that it will help you rise above the average in every aspect. The deep green colour of Malachite protect the wearer against all negative energy and boosts the wealth status of individuals. Malachite is also an energy magnet. It will prevent the advent of misfortune in the life of the wearer. Malachite attracts focus, concentration and vital energy, which pave the way for prosperity.

Tiger’s Eye

This is the best stone for you if you attract plenty of wealth and cannot retain the same. Tiger’s Eye infuses life into dreams. This is the ideal stone for all people striving hard to attract fortune in their life. Tiger’s eye is also an excellent option for gaining wisdom. If you have already acquired wealth and prosperity and want to stay grounded, the tiger’s eye will help you with its potential energy. You can place a tiger’s eye in your cash drawer or treasure box to protect your assets. It will also prevent you from becoming proud or greedy. Tiger’s Eye has been a good-luck Talisman since immemorial.

Hessonite Garnet

Garnet is an excellent stone for staying away from immediate financial problems. If you have a dire financial problem, this stone is a relief. Garnet provides immediate relief from financial problems. Garnet frees the wearer from poverty and also attracts wealth. The best part is that action is swift and prominently visible. It helps the wearer to devote their energy, focus and hard work to earning money and gaining prosperity. Garnet is also an ideal crystal for elevating social status. It is recommended to sweep away negative distractions from life and attract money and prosperity in life. Garnets are potent crystals, and you must wear them following the mandates in pure form. Garnets are associated with some of the most vigorous planetary energy flows and will bring revolution in the wearer’s life. They are incredibly beautiful.

Precious stones can invite prosperity in the wearer’s life and transform their lives like never before. You must have faith and trust in the power of the stones to influence your life.

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