How To Pair Your Indian Jewelry With Your Ultra Modern Dresses?

The best fashion times are here! And you can be a real style diva by flaunting traditional Indian jewelry with stunning western wear. Don’t believe us? Well, the world is changing and so are the jewelry styles! Bollywood celebrities are often seen wearing western ensembles with a twist of designers embraced by ethnic jewel pieces.

So, if comfort is what you seek and if western wear is what provides you the utmost comfort, then don’t worry, as you can still rock a traditional event wearing ultra-modern dresses all that you will need is typical Indian jewelry, and the fusion will make you a head-turner for sure!

Listed below are some simple amazing tips that can help you team up Indian jewelry with western clothes to get that uniquely modern and chic look:

Go Boho

Boho Silver Jewelry

Silver and antique jewelry can never run out of charm. With their timeless appeal and exquisiteness that is hard to find anywhere else, silver and antique pieces can create a magical aura of their own.

So, if you are a fan of the Boho culture and wish to get that Boho chic look, then make way for silver and antique jewelry in your collection. Team a stunning silver necklace with an off-shoulder dress and you will be all set to catch the attention of the onlookers.


Heargear jewelry

Jewelry trends may come and go, but the traditional headgear has a special place in the world of traditional Indian jewelry. So, what better way to alter a western look than doing it with a beautiful maang tikka or matha Patti?

From jhoomars to Borla, from single-tier to multi-tier, there are various headgear options available for those who want to be a trendsetter in the world of jewelry. Get the one that meets your style and match it with any western attire to create a truly alluring fusion.

Let your ears do the talking

Traditional Earrings

Pair big jhumkas and earrings with your western dresses to create a fusion look that is hard to resist. You can even pick large hoops and team them up with tank tops and A-line skirts.

If you are going to attend a traditional Indian function, then you can always pick earrings studded with precious gemstones like sapphire gemstone, emerald gemstone, and ruby gemstone, that can go well with your modern look. What’s more? Even simple golden Jhumkas can complement a western gown without many efforts. Just go and get them!


Gemstones Manglasutra

All married Hindu women know the significance of a mangalsutra, but not all of them know how to create a trendy look with the help of traditional mangalsutra. With the ideal amount of bling needed for a minimalistic yet stylish appearance, team a mangalsutra with a western dress. You can even adorn a mangalsutra with your office wear and be the confident Indian woman who knows how to blend traditions with modernism.

Nose Pieces

Nose Pin

A mention of the must-have Indian jewelry pieces is incomplete without nose pieces. A cool and stylish way to incorporate that touch of traditions and culture into modern lifestyles – a nose pin is certainly one of the best ways to create a flattering appearance. You can even wear a hoop nose ring with your western attire and create an edgy look that’s utterly gorgeous and gracious.

Show some love to your feet

Gemstone Anklets

When it comes to Indian jewelry, anklets need no mention. But ladies often forget anklets when trying to create a fusion look with traditional jewelry and modern dresses. If you have been committing the same mistake, then stop right away and pick those stunning silver anklets that you have always loved and paired them up with your stylish ankle-length pants or culottes and crop tops. Want to try something even bolder? Wear just a single anklet and inject some glamour into your style.


Slay the ‘Gold’ look

Gold Jewelry

Ever wondered how can you put those gold bangles to use that are resting in your closet, since like forever? Well, don’t worry as this tip is all about slaying the gold look with grace. The next time you go out for brunch, try wearing your favorite day dress with gold bangles that are stacked up, and you will create a bold yet stunning look, without going over the top.
If you like to keep it down on the bling factor, then instead of stacking your gold bangles, wear just one of them, and you will look nothing less than a style goddess.

Statement Pieces

Statement Necklaces

This tip is for all those heavy gemstone jewelry lovers out there! You can always add a twist to your western attire with a modish statement piece. Get that heavy necklace out of your jewelry box and team it up with a western gown, while heading towards a gathering. Have a Kundan neckpiece with intricate stonework? Great! Add it to that black dress, and you are sure to steal the limelight at that next evening party you are planning to attend.

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