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Why Cat’s Eye Gemstone Is Recommended For Ketu?

When it comes to protecting one from enemies, diseases, and danger, astrology plays a vital role. It provides various ways to combat evil, and one such way is to wear a Cat’s Eye gemstone.

This highly intriguing gem is packed with several metaphysical powers and properties that help a person stay protected from the evil effects of the planet Ketu. Being the stone for Ketu, the cat’s eye contains some extremely strong energies that may sometimes result in uneasiness as well.

Also known as Lehsunia, the cat’s eye stone is beneficial for those who want to strengthen their weak Ketu. Usually milky in color, this stone possesses a peculiar ray that passes through it. Other colors in which this stone is available are green, black, honey and yellowish-green, etc.

If worn after consultation with a expert vedic astrologer, this stone can help a wearer experience several cats eye benefits like increased wisdom, courage, willpower and stability. These benefits will be discussed in detail later on. For now, it is good to remember that this amazing stone also brings heaps of wealth towards the wearer, attracting new opportunities for growth and expansion.

Introduction To Planet Ketu:

As per Hindu astrology, Ketu is the body of a demon whose head was cut-off by Lord Vishnu. Astronomically, Ketu is actually the descending lunar node of an intersection of pathways of Sun and Moon, and therefore sometimes referred to as shadow planet. As per Vedic texts, Ketu is one of the nine planets called as Navgraha which influences human lives.

Indications of a Weak Ketu:

How do you know if you have a weak Ketu and you need a cat’s eye stone for strengthening this planet? What are the signs that indicate a weak Ketu? Well, there are some usual signs that hint at a person’s weak Ketu which include a certain type of fear inherited in them, or several confusions that surround them. Such a person may also lack confidence and have a low concentration power.

If someone feels too attached to the past or the things gone by, or if the person feels restricted in some ways and craves for freedom, then also they may have a weak Ketu.

Other than these signs, a person with weak Ketu also lacks insights and isn’t able to judge others well. They also have a tendency to doubt themselves often. Such people may also doubt their own friends or well-wishers to be their secret enemies – and that’s something very difficult to cope up with.

As far as the physical symptoms of a person with weak Ketu go, such a native may face health conditions like poor blood circulation, improper digestion, ulcers, and anemia, etc. Besides this, they may also have to deal with neurological disorders, muscular issues, nervous system disorders, or even cancer.

As a matter of fact, people with weak Ketu may end up consulting too many doctors due to the confusion that they are surrounded by, which may result in an ineffective diagnosis of their condition or wrong treatment as well.

Astrological Factors

Weak Ketu is usually found in difficult houses, such as the eighth house. On the other hand, strong Ketu may be found in the twelfth house leading a person to increased knowledge, attention, insight, and spirituality.

To make the position of Ketu strong in one’s horoscope, it is recommended to wear a natural and genuine Cat’s Eye gemstone. The stone should be according to your body weight in size.

This stone is usually advised to be worn on the middle finger of the right hand on a Saturday. However, prior consultation with an experienced astrologer must be done, before wearing any gemstone, particularly the cat’s eye.

Benefits of Wearing Cats Eye Stone

A healing stone that it is, the cat’s eye can help in healing physical damage caused by abuse or unhealthy habits. And such is the power of this stone that can help in treating cancer as well.

This gemstone is nominated as an auspicious gem that can be worn to guard oneself against cancer and other life-threatening diseases.

Protects From Evil-Eye:

As already mentioned before, wearing this gemstone protects the wearer from evil. So, those who want to stay protected from the evil eye can get good results after wearing this gem.

Ensures Good Luck

Known as a gemstone for those who love to take risks, this gemstone can yield great results to those who indulge in gamble as it is said that this gemstone can bring loads of good luck.

Business Growth:

For those who have faced difficulties in business and had to close it down, there are good chances of revival of the closed business, once they wear cat’s eye stone.

The world is full of struggles that seem to be never-ending. If one wants to detach themselves from the materialistic attachments of this world, then wearing a cat’s eye stone may help.

As the stone contains some excellent energies, it also makes one more spiritual than before.

Promotes Wealth

One of the biggest benefits of wearing a cat’s eye stone is that it can help one regain the wealth that they have lost in the past.

Relief From Depression

Those who encounter a lot of stress in their daily lives can wear the cat’s eye to relieve mental anxiety and signs of depression.

Cure Diseases:

Cat’s eye gemstone is effective in the treatment of a number of diseases like diabetes, diarrhea, paralysis, bronchitis, asthma and other respiratory problems and also cures migraine pain and headaches.

It is also found effective in curing eye-related problems. This stone is found to possess healing properties and is also used in the treatment of cancer.


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