Is There Any Science Behind Gemstones?

As we know that gemstones are used for the betterment of an individual’s life. We have read about natural gemstones in many places and some of you might be wearing it.Well, there is a question that arises in everyone’s mind that whether wearing a gemstone is mere superstition or it does have any scientific basis? So, today I am going to tell you about the scientific theory of gemstones.Here, you know Science Behind Gemstones.

In ancient times, people had full faith in astrology and hence they use to wear gemstones without any scientific proof. As in ancient times, people used to think that whatever astrologer’s advice is the best advice for them and they don’t need to give a second thought on it. Even, today people are wearing gemstones and are also encouraging their new generations to believe in astrology.

Gemstones In Modern times

Since we live in modern times and we believe in things that are practical. So, the new generation thinks that it is only mention in Vedic astrology that has prove gemstones beneficial for a human being.

But, guys let me tell you that it has been even proved scientifically that gemstones are beneficial for mankind. Now you must be wondering how? Well, without wasting your time lets just discuss this vital topic in detail.

How Gemstone is Connects with Science

Well Scientifically, there is an association between gemstones and science. Planets ooze their forces and impact through color. The celestial forces of gemstones start from the inestimable impacts of their related governing planets. Sun is the wellspring of all vitality, likewise influences us, individuals.

Gemstones through the concept of Prism


In science, there is a concept of the prism and when we see the sunlight from a prism, then the prism converts the light into 9 colors in which 2 colors are invisible and that are ultraviolet and infrared. Thus the range of nine colors consists the infinite grid and is an extremely embodiment of nine planets.

These hues are fundamentally the same as the gemstone colors. The nine planets are relates and the stones endorsed are additionally in consonance. The amazing truth is that the wavelength of these colors is fundamentally the same as the ones in gemstones.

Accordingly endorsing gemstones is not out of synchronous with this vitality framework. A specific stone assimilates all sorts of solar and cosmic energy and enables a specific kind of energy to go through it and which is then consume by the body. As a result when a person wears a particular stone, then he or she gets the benefits of that planet.

Gem Therapy


Another concept you need to understand is the concept of Gem Therapy. Actually, gem therapy works on Color therapy. The different colors of gemstones have different operating power and influence on the system.

  • Yellow color energy remains for insight, aspiration, and the certainty that assistance to enhance anxiety, skin issues, processing framework, and tiredness. It animates the mind, liver, kidney, memory and gives vitamin A.
  • Blue color energy speaks to the spiritual aspects of life. It has awesome mending power that controls brain activity. It gives imperviousness to the body against harm, insidious impact, and has the capacity to limit the agony and so on.
  • Green color energy supports quickness and freshness. It is a natural color that gives bliss, peace and gives liveliness.
  • Red color energy enhances courage, fearlessness, blood dissemination, and decreases iron deficiency. It in this way gives vitamin B12
  • The Indigo color energy alludes to solidarity, genuineness, and delicacy. It quiets nerves and lymphatic frameworks and additionally enhances stomach issues, headache, and cataract. Additionally, it helps with alleviating the impact on the eyes, ears and the sensory system.
  • Violet color energy indicates fascination, quickness, consolation, and warmth. It gives Vitamin D.
  • The Orange Color energy helps during the period when someone is under depression, loneliness and boredom.

Hence, with this, it is confirm scientifically that gemstones help people in controlling their problems and disease without any side effects.


So, I think that people who were confusing  about gemstones are now clear especially those who think gemstone only works according to astrology. This blog clarifies your doubts that gemstones are useful for mankind, even from the point of science.

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