How To Be A Jewelry Designer For Your Own Jewelry?

Sometimes when you go to buy jewelry, it is difficult to find something of your own choice that symbolizes something special. Sometimes you have some jewelry designs in vision, but you can’t find any jewelry in real similar to that.

Now you can be your own jewelry designer and can create something memorable and special by your own. Sehdev Jewellers help customers to create the jewelry pieces according to their visions and let their visions come to life.

Many people have pictures of jewelry designs in their mind’s eye. Sehdev Jeweler is a natural gemstone supplier help people to create designs that they have in their head. We specialize in Gemstones, 18-karat gold and we can also create silver and diamond jewelry pieces.

How We Create Your Jewelry Designs:

Firstly the customer will explain their jewelry piece and the jeweler will create a sketch of their vision. Then, both will add their suggestions and will edit the sketch accordingly. The time required for the sketch process is about 15 mins to an hour.

After that, we will create a mold by using a Lost Wax method that can help you to see the jewelry piece in 3D before it is created. Finally, we complete your product in about three weeks.

Also, Sehdev Jewellers help the customers to modify their existing jewelry pieces to modern style pieces. Nowadays people like to recycle and recreate their old jewelry.

We suggest all our customers that instead of selling jewelry, always prefer to create something new from them. You can create something special and symbolical from your old jewelry as well.

How to Create a jewelry piece from your Old Jewelry:

First, we will show you some sample images, and then you can add your preferences. Then your gold piece is melted and is transformed into the new design of your choice. We can transform your gold watches into bracelets, or we can also turn the scrap gold into rings or earrings.

Most customers like to customize their wedding bands and engagement rings. Since these rings are the symbol of their love, so they want this ring to be designed according to them. Some want to have precious gemstones studded engagement ring, some want diamonds.


At Sehdev Jewellers our priority is to make the jewelry that is more of sentiments for you. We let you design your own jewelry ranging from rings to pendants.

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