Origin and Tradition of Gemstones Ring

If there’s this one thing that is believed to make the nuptial knot even stronger and more powerful than ever before, then it has to be the wedding or engagement ring Rings have been a part of different cultures since time immemorial. From representing a marriage to representing everlasting love, a ring does it all. So, let’s try and understand how the ring originated and what are the different traditions related to it.The Origin and Tradition of Gemstones Ring are as follows :

Origin of Rings

The origin of rings starts from the Bronze Age. Though today they are an important component of jewelry, they were initially consider as a seal.

This was the practice in regions like Egypt and Mesopotamia. Later, rings are use as an official seal or royal seal to protect documents of great importance. Gradually, rings also use as power and authority.

However, this power was largely held in religious importance. In the ancient history, then it was in ancient Rome where only Zeus priests wear rings, and these rings are iron rings. Eventually, gold are use for these rings and that earmarked the beginning of another era in the history of rings.

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Tradition of Rings

Tradition of Rings
Tradition of Rings

Besides being a symbol of power, rings have  eternity as well. These pieces of jewelry are relates with the earthly and materialistic life, primarily because of their circular shape.

This is the reason why, in ancient times, rings were keep away from the wearer’s hands after death . As it was believes that doing so will help them leave earth and move towards heaven.

It was the Roman age that highlighted the significance of rings with relationships and especially, with their unification. During that time, people started to use rings for their engagements and marriages and which brings prosperity and marital bliss.

As time progressed, people connected rings with not just love and emotions but also with values and honesty.

Rings gives prominence in human life that breaking a ring simply meant that an oath or promise is broken and it was also linked to the onset of a disastrous or unfortunate time.

If we look at the present time, then engagement rings are one of the key components of any marriage. The brides and grooms keenly decide on the right ring several days before their marriage.

Not only the make and style but the metal and gemstone also play a very crucial role in defining a ring and its true worth.

In this day and age, people are particularly fond of rings that are decorate with a single stone or a solitaire diamond that adds more charm to the beauty of a ring. Also, rings with color gems are favorites by many as these have a stunning appearance.

The Sehdev Jewellers is one of the best jewelers that deals in gemstone rings. They have a wide range of ring designs and their gemstones are certified by GemLab.


Whether a ring is purchase for symbolizing a marriage or for any other purpose, the meaning that these pieces of jewelry hold in today’s time is beyond words. This is why a ring is one of the  highly requests after pieces of jewelry in modern times.

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