Significance of Colors in Astrology

Firstly Colors play an important part in a human being’s life.Here we know about the significance of colours. As per color Psychologists, there are four main colors, Red, Blue, Green and Yellow.  Each one of them has an effect on the body, mind, and soul.In person life huge significance of colors because its like color therapy .

Secondly Red is an exciting color and evokes a strong physical response and boosts productivity in work. Blue is an intellectual color, soothing in nature and helps in concentration and supports clear communication. No wonder Blue is the popular choice among office workers.

The yellow color is energizing and radiates positivity and helps in increasing the confidence level and creativity. This color is good for an entrepreneur and for businessman. The green color is harmonious and strikes a nice combination with other colors. It creates a sense of calm and reassurance.

Color choices are basically an individual’s personal preference and vary from people to people. One of the most intriguing findings has been the connection between colors and planets and their consequent effect .

Similarly Depending on the planetary positions and its effects on the horoscope charts, the use of gemstone with appropriate colors becomes very vital for beneficial effects

Compatibility of different Colors for Astrological Remedies:

Apart from that many recourses taken for firming a weak planetary position, color therapy is quite popular in astrological forecasts.

So, Significance of color is important topic now a days because this color can be in various forms of mantras and tantras by using the appropriate colors of fruits and vegetables for a different planet.

Color of Sun Planet:

The sun is having reddish-orange color combination.This planet can be positive in an individual chart by with red flowers or saffron-color items.  Astrologically, the Ruby gemstone which is red in color is recommended because its represents energy and power. It also shows vitality and creativity.  However, the red color is not recommend for people who have heart trouble.

planets sun and ruby

Color of Moon Planet:

The white color represents the moon for its calm and purifying effect. This color influences the thought process and promotes spirituality. In Astrologically for positive position of Moon in an individual’s horoscope white flowers (white lotus, jasmine, lily), milk, curd, rice flour, white sandalwood and  gemstone i.e, white pearl  are use.

moon planet with pearl

Color of Saturn Planet:

Saturn planet  is in Black or navy-blue color.Astrologically, black sesame, urad, shilajit (Ozokerite), comfrey root and Triphala are using for Saturn-related problems because its these items color is black.The blue sapphire gemstone is compatible with this planet but it needs to be used only under the supervision and recommendation of an astrologer because of the fiery nature .

saturn with blue sapphire

Color of Mars Planets:

The red color is connects with the Mars planet. This redness of Mars is links to the red blood cells in a human’s body and Its malefic effect can create blood-related complications. Any excess of red can cause accidents and excessive aggression and the gemstones prescribed are red coral gemstone and its also known as Moonga.

mars with red coral

Color of Mercury Planet:

The green color stands for balance, harmony, and hope and has a calming effect. Green is the color of  mercury planet and is good for people suffering from heart problems. For Mercury-related problems Green color basil leaves (Tulsa), mint are in use because its helps due to its green color. The compatible gemstone for mercury planet is green emerald gemstone.

mercury with emerald

Color of Jupiter Planet:

The color of this planet is yellow or yellowish-orange. Both these colors have a positive outcome. Because of its yellow color, it invigorates the system and it has an inspiring effect on the intellect. For Jupiter-related problems items likewise Yellow flowers and nuts like almonds, walnuts, and cashews are use because these items helps to nullify the negative results of Jupiter . The yellow sapphire and yellow topaz gemstone are associated with this planet .

yellow sapphire

Color of Venus Planet:

Venus planet is in white color and represents a sophistication. For Venus related problems, items like the rose, saffron, jasmine, lotus, and lily, are use because its color is white and white represents color of Venus. Diamond and white zircon gemstone are use for Venus.

venus with diamond

Color of Rahu Planet:

This shadowy planet is smoky or black in color. Here, Camphor, bayberry,sandalwood etc use in problems by this planent. Similarly like these items The Hessonite gemstone (Gomedh) is recommended here.

rahu with hessonite

Color of Ketu Planet:

This shadowy planet is brown in color. So, The compatible objects for treating Ketu-related issues are wild ginger, bhringaraj, skullcap, passion, flower etc. The recommended gemstone is cat’s eye gemstone.

ketu stone with cats eye

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