Wearing Pearl Gemstone Ring

If astrologer recommended wearing pearl gemstone to someone the one question comes to mind is How to wear pearl stone? and what are the rituals before wearing pearl gemstone?

Pearl gemstone, known as Moti in Hindi, is the gemstone of the Moon. This beautiful gem is a blessing in disguise for those who have a weak Moon in their birth chart. Found deep in the ocean, the pearl is an organic gem that is unlike other gemstones that are mineral-based.

There is no denying that white pearls are a symbol of elegance, but other color varieties of this stone are equally gorgeous. These exquisite shades include yellow, pink, blue, silver and black as well.

This moon gemstone offers several benefits to the wearers. But before we look at the different pearl stone benefits, let’s understand how to wear pearl gemstone so that one can get the most of its benefits.
The Procedure of Wearing Pearl Ring

In order to reap the most of any gemstone’s benefits, it is advisable to perform the right ritual. So, when it comes to wearing a pearl ring, it is extremely important to follow accurate steps. Here’s what you must remember before buying a pearl ring and wearing it:

Step 1: Consult your astrologer

It is recommended to wear this gemstone only after the expert guidance of an experienced and certified astrologer.

As this stone is governed by the planet Moon, it is advisable to get it checked by an astrologer whether your horoscope will be positively affected by the gem or negatively.

Step 2 – Buy natural Pearl Gemstone

Based on your horoscope, if the astrologer recommends wearing a pearl stone, then go ahead and purchase high-quality pearl gemstone or moti stone from a certified and reputed gem supplier.

Step 3: Weight of the Gemstone

Before wearing a pearl gemstone ring, make sure to buy pearl gemstone that is of 2, 4, 6 or 11 carats. The weight of the pearl will affect pearl stone prices as well. But, then again, it should be a natural and untreated gemstone so that you can get the most of its benefits.

Step 4: Choose the right metal

Another important consideration while buying a pearl stone ring is the choice of the metal in which the stone should be set. You can choose either silver or platinum. But avoid Gold, Panchdhatu, and other metals, if possible.

Step 5: Day for Wearing Pearl Gemstone

The ideal time to wear this ring is on a Monday morning during Shukla Paksha

Step 6: Right Finger for wearing pearl gemstone

According to astrology generally, pearl Moti gemstone should be worn in the little finger of the right hand.

Step 7: Purification of the gemstone

Pearl gemstone should be wear after washing it with the sacred water of the Ganga and Cow Milk.

Step 8: Mantra for the gemstone

Following mantra should be chant while wearing pearl

“Aum Aim Kleem Somay Namah”

Step 9: Wear the ring

Wear the ring with full reverence. Doing this will ensure that you start experiencing the positive effects of the stone within a month

Benefits of a Pearl gemstone

There are various benefits that a pearl may offer to its users. If you are intrigued about how can wearing this stunning little gem can change your life for the better, then keep reading.

Strengthens the Moon:

As the pearl gemstone is ruled by the Moon, wearing this gem can strengthen the Moon in the wearer’s horoscope.

The Moon is ‘the Ruling Planet of Emotions’ as per astrology. So, wearing pearls can calm the wearer’s emotions and bring tranquility in their life.

Brings Positivity:

Another amazing benefit of the pearl stone is that it brings immense positivity around the wearer, making them hopeful and optimistic in life. It also gives the much-needed courage to overcome the obstacles that one may encounter in their life.

Improves the health of children:

It is believed that those children, who are below 12 years of age and who struggle with health issues and get sick often, can be benefited by wearing a pearl gemstone. Such children should wear this stone in a moon-shaped pendant in the throat chakra.

Increases confidence:

One of the excellent benefits of wearing a pearl gemstone is that it increases the confidence of the wearer and assists in better self-expression. Thus, those who find it difficult to give voice to their opinions can wear this gemstone and experience the ease they need to express themselves without any hesitation. This gemstone can help those who work in fields related to communication such as public speakers, counselors, psychologists, etc.

Physical benefits:

When it comes to healing a person physically, pearl can help in various ways. This stone not only keeps the heart strong and healthy but is also  to treat water balance in the body. It can also prove beneficial in treating problems related to the throat, stomach, digestive systems, and eyes.

Improves mental health:

Apart from acting as a boon in treating various physical conditions, a pearl can also improve the mental health of the wearer, bringing more peace and keeping stress at bay. The stone works wonderfully by strengthening the psyche of the wearer and reducing mental pressure. Its cooling energy can bring the coveted harmony and mental balance in one’s life.


Increases a woman’s beauty:

Wearing a pearl can help women in different ways. It not only helps them cope up with menstrual issues but also increases their beauty and appeal, bringing a certain facial luster that is magnificent, to say the least.

Improves relation between partners:

Another extraordinary way in which a pearl can help the wearer is by fostering their relationship with their partner. As a matter of fact,that wearing a pearl ignites love and increases the faith between two partners. This stone works incredibly to bring harmony between husband and wife.

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