Types Of Cuts and Shapes For Precious Gemstones

Types Of Cuts and Shapes For Precious Gemstones
Types Of Cuts and Shapes For Precious Gemstones

The cut process of precious gemstones is considered an art, probably the most challenging and exciting one as each cut is able to enhance the hue and brightness of gemstones. There are several kinds of cut that depend on different properties of gems.

Gemstones are comes from deep mines. According to experts, the same mineral has gorgeous and appreciable properties. The cut does not modify the natural value of the stone, but it enhances its features, brightness.

Gemstones have a variety of cuts that make the appearance of the gem unique. All precious gemstones such as Emerald, Ruby gemstone, Sapphires come in various cuts. The different cuts are:

Round or Brilliant Cut :

This cut is mainly available in gemstone and accounts for more than 75% of gems solid. It has 58 faced cuts, divided among its crown, girdle, and pavilion, which achieve maximum brightness and brilliance of gems.

Oval cut:

This cut is popular among women with small hands or short fingers. Their intensity and brilliance are similar to that of a round cut. This cut gives a beautiful illusion of length to hand.


This is an elongated shape cut, which is long and narrow and it  is look like shape of a football. This cut is gorgeous when enhanced by smaller gems.

Tear Drop Cut:

This cut is almost like a sparkling teardrop and is particularly beautiful for pendant or earrings. It belongs to that category of gem that complements a hand with small or average-length fingers.

Heart-Shaped Cut:

This cut is a symbol of romance and is a pear-shaped gem with a cleft at the top. The skill of the cutter determines the beauty of the cut.

Emerald Cut:

Royal and the upper-class people used this cut in the past. This is a rectangular shape with cut corners . This type of cut is very striking for larger stones.Its also called step cut.

Princess Cut:

Princess cut is a the new cut and is a square or rectangular cut  It is inflated with triangular stones at its sides and is suitable for a hand with long fingers.

Cushion Cut:

An antique style of cut that looks like a cross between an Old Mine Cut and a modern oval cut.

Banquette Cut:

This is a rectangular narrow gem cut .It has 20 facets. The Banquette cut is very attractive for one with short fingers and a small hand.

Triangle Cut:

The fire and beauty of this cut are spectacular and are basically triangular in shape with truncated corners.


Cuts that are 360 Degree Patterns.

These cuts are identical on all sides and same pattern is use for the entire 360 degrees. these are use in earrings or a centerpiece of a pendant.

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