Correct Fingers For Wearing Your Astrological Gemstones


You must have come across several people wearing different types of rings on their fingers, but have you ever wondered which fingers are correct for wearing your astrological gemstones? Well, natural astrological gemstones carry specific energy within them.

When connected with a particular finger, that energy can increase or decrease. Thus, it is important to understand which fingers are correct for wearing the astrological gemstones. So, let’s take a detailed look at the subject:

The Fingers and the Basic Elements

As per the ancient Vedic science, there are five basic elements of nature: earth, water, fire, air, and ether (also known as space). These elements not only form everything that exists in nature but they also give form to a human’s body. Each of these elements is relates with the different fingers of the human body.

While the Thumb represents the Fire element, the Index Finger represents the Air element, the Middle Finger represents the Ether element, the Ring Finger represents the Earth element, and the Little Finger represents the Water element.

Left vs. Right Hand

Not just fingers, but the hands also have a special significance in astrology. While the right hand is active and giving, the left hand is passive and receptive.

The right hand is connects with conscious mind, and the left hand is connects with  subconscious mind. The right hand is relates with yang, and the left is associated with yin.

When you wear a astrological gemstones rings on the right hand, it develops the energies that exist in the inner world, also being influenced by the corresponding finger. Whereas, when you wear a gemstone ring on the left hand, it develops the energies of the subconscious mind .

The Index Finger

Representing the Air element, this finger has a lot to do with our objectives in life, our ego, our self-esteem and the passion &satisfying the ego.

Index finger is also relates to the energy of the  planet Jupiter and having qualities that Jupiter possesses. It is, thus, having quality of leadership, wisdom, confidence, and spirituality too.

Wearing a ring on this finger may also heal your liver, stomach, and respiratory system related problems.

In order to succeed in this world, wearing a ring on the Index finger may be a great way to achieve success, good fortune and growth opportunities. Yellow sapphire is the suitable gemstone to be worn on this finger.

The Middle Finger

Representing the Ether element, this finger is all about our personal world and our sense of responsibility. Its relates with planet Saturn, this finger conveys the energies of the planet.It helps person in the field of law and justice.

When it comes to healing energies, the middle finger treats the functioning of the brain, nerves, and bones.

By wearing a suitable gemstone-like Blue Sapphire on the middle finger, you can promote your sense of responsibility, disciplined and in tune with your inner self.

The Ring Finger

Conveying the energies of the Earth element, the ring finger signifies creativity and art. As it also signifies emotions and love, it has been the perfect choice for celebrating nuptial bonds by being the finger people choose to wear their engagement rings.

This finger can treat ailments related to blood circulation, heart, eyesight, bones, spleen, and stomach.

As it is also links with the active energy of the Sun, the finger is considered a carrier of leadership and intelligence traits as well.

Wearing gemstones that belong to the planet Venus, Mars and the Sun can yield great results for those who want to bring creativity in their lives. Ruby gemstone relates to planet Sun that can be worn on the ring finger.

The Little Finger

Representing the Water element, this finger is related to the social life and the attitude that one carries towards the rest of the world. From communication to public speaking, writing, and trade, this finger infuses the energies of all these spheres.

This finger is provide relief for health conditions related to anxiety, indigestion, and even memory loss.

Its relates with planet Mercury, it provides a boost to the positive traits of the planet.It helps in professionalism, health, and communication.

The Thumb

Conveying the energies of the Fire element, the thumb signifies willpower. When it comes to the healing energies of the thumb, it provides relief from ailments linked to fevers, muscles, ulcers, urinary and reproductive system.

Its relates with Venus and Mars, the thumb carries the energies that they possess. By wearing gemstones that belong to these planets, you can improve your self-esteem and give that much-needed boost to your personality.

What Gemstone Ring to Wear?

As per Vedic astrology, following gemstone rings are suitable for particular fingers:

  • Yellow Sapphire Gemstone, Yellow Tourmaline, Golden Beryl, and Golden Topaz are suitable for the Index finger.
  • Blue Sapphire, Hessonite,Catseye Amethyst and Blue Tourmaline suitable for the Middle finger.
  • Ruby gemstone, Hessonite Garnet, Rubellite, Red Coral, Red Carnelian and Red Jasper are suitable for the Ring finger.
  • Diamond,Atlas Diamond, Herkimer Diamond, Clear Zircon, are also suitable and wear in the Middle finger.
  • Emerald gemstone, Green Tourmaline, Peridot, and Jade are suitable for the Little as well as the Ring finger.
  • White Pearl Gemstone, White Coral, and Moonstone are also perfect for the Little finger and the Ring finger too.
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      1. Hello Pankaj,

        You can wear ruby only in ring finger.For more information, directly contact on WhatsApp helpline number +91- 9216113377

    07:23:00 AM DELHI


  2. Can i wear moon stone in left hand ring finger?
    I wear spinal ruby in right hand ring finger can i wear hessonite in right hand mid finger?

  3. I have to wear three rings amythst and opal and coral.I have wear coral in ring finger right hand.But opal and amythst both are middle finger right hand ring.How can I wear? Right hand ring finger engaged by coral ring.Can I use left hand middle finger to wear opal ring?Please advice.Thank you.

  4. I have been asked to wear an Amethyst in gold/silver ring in the middle finger of the left/right hand? Based on your post, should the Amethyst be only worn in silver ring and in the right hand middle finger or are there exceptions to this rule where one can wear it in gold and in the left hand?

  5. Very knowledgeable data. The fingers and where they are connected and which ring helps for what purpose is so well defined that a layman also can understand. Thank you for the very helpful post.

  6. This article is very true to its content , it seems that the author have indeed researched to deeply

  7. Sir pls let me know if I can wear yellow sapphire
    My dob is 9 Jan 1993.
    When and on which finger should it be worn by a woman.


  8. I’m a Gemini man, please suggest gemstone that can be worn on left hand little finger?

  9. Hello Sir,

    i was advised to wear ruby and Coral. Ruby for the ring finger and Coral for the index finger. Can i wear Coral on my left hand ring finger? please advise.

  10. Hello,

    I was advice to wear and pearl stone on silver and a star sapphire on gold.
    Which fingers shall I put the rings on?
    He didn’t tell me nor explain why!!!

    Many thanks!

  11. I m told to wear red coral and yellow sapphire on index finger. They are two different rings and are very uncomfortable. Please advise alternate solution.

  12. what the heck? I was reading and your info says so many gems for every finger…sound like bs to me. I was taking notes til the last page….every finger has you can use this and this and this and this 4 or 5 or 6 stones…then what the heck , put any rock on your finger sounds like to me. please clarify. I’m done anyway. better sources out there. Don’t follow this page its not accurate.

  13. I have been asked to wear yellow sapphire, Ruby and coral. Since Ruby and yellow sapphire are very expensive. We are looking for alternate like cetrine in place of yellow sapphire and red garnet in place of Ruby. Can you please suggest if cetrine, red garnet and red coral can be worn together? In which finger should I wear red garnet? Should I wear red garnet and red coral in same ring finger or there is alternate? Also can we wear red garnet and coral in silver?

  14. Hi sir, can I wear a topaz ring in silver ..will it b same effective as that of a topaz in gold ring?
    And would like to as u also if smoky gold topaz stone has same benefits like of yellow gold topaz stone.??. thank you ..

  15. Respected sir
    my birth details given below
    Name – kishor kumar
    Dob – 9/11/2968
    birth time – 9 am or 9 .15 am i do not know perfectly.
    birth place : ROURKELA, ORISSA, INDIA
    plz suggest me correct gem stone which will suit for me.

    sir if i wear yellow sapphire ring in index finger i am getting irritations.
    if yellow sappgire & moonga worn in ring finger i am not irritating.

    sir plz tell me the right gem stone
    kishor kumar.
    so many astrologers says so many ring totally i am fade up.
    u r only person who can show me right path.
    waiting for u r early reply. I am in so many difficulties. humble request u to help me therefore i can remember in my entire life.

    no job
    mental tension.
    financial tension
    quarreling in house

    plz help me

    1. Hello Mr.Kishore
      For that need to analyze your whole planetary positions, We have the team of expert Vedic astrologers who will properly guide you after reading your birth chart regarding your suitable gemstone as well as remedies for your problems
      For more details, you can directly ping me on our WhatsApp support no +91 9216116688

  16. Hello. I have given blue moonstone to wear on index finger. But it is mostly advised to wear on little finger. What should i do now.. Please suggest

  17. I have been asked to wear ruby and alexandrite on ring finger… But both the stones are big and embedding it in one ring would be difficult… Can u suggest an alternative like if I can wear one of them on the ring finger of the right hand or make a pendant of the alexandrite stone and wear or any other alternative

  18. I wanted to know is it ok to wear a white zircon on left hand ring finger when Venus is in 12th house with Saturn for Capricornian Lagna and Ascendent?

    1. Hello, Mr. Rohit, it is the astrological query, For that need to analyze your whole planetary positions we have the team of experts astrologer who will guide you accordingly. For more details, you can directly ping me on our WhatsApp support no +91 9216116688

  19. Can we wear blue sapphire and diamond in middle finger together? (Both are not embedded in single ring. I have two different rings but wish to wear them simultaneously and I’m not married so I can’t wear it in ring finger.)

    Please provide your guidance for this.

    Thank you

  20. I have to wear both ruby and pearl rings and both are said to be worn in ring finger. What should I do?

    1. You can stud both Gemstones in one ring or you can wear pearl in little finger and ruby in the ring finger.

      1. Hello Dinesh,

        Yes you can wear both in middle finger.For more information visit on or directly contact on WhatsApp helpline number +91- 9216116688

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