Origin And History Of Ruby From Age To Age

Ruby gemstone is known for its fiery red color, its hardness, durability, luster, and rarity. The history of Ruby gemstone is full of magic and mystery.

The word Ruby comes from the Latin word “ruber” meaning red that represents the color of the stone. Ruby gemstone has been considered as a precious and rare gem because it is an extremely hard stone after Diamond, is ideal for many kinds of jewels, and due to its history.

In ancient times, Ruby had different names and people had their different beliefs. Ruby gemstone was the “king of gems” in ancient times.

The other names of Ruby gemstone in Ancient times were anthrax, ratnaraj, carbunculus, and red corundum. In some cultures, people considered Ruby as the representation of the Sun.

Some believed that Ruby gemstones denote integrity, happiness, healing, courage, inspiration, and romance. For Talisman, ruby gemstone used to warn its owner regarding danger and disaster.

Origin of Ruby Gemstone

According to Puranas texts, the God of Sun Surya stole the blood of demons called Bala. The king of Sri Lanka island Ravana was jealous of its glory and thus he fights against the God Surya.

After hearing this God Surya was scared by this threat and thus he feels the blood of demon Bala into the waters in the Bharta region.

After some time, the shores of the Bharata region were covered with precious gemstones having red bright hue which looks brilliant and powerful the same as Surya.

Then these precious gems name as Padmaraga or Kuruvinda and lately, they were identified as rubies. In Hindi Ruby name as  Manik stone .

History of Ruby

The Romans:

According to Ancient Romans, the rubies were the most powerful in protecting from evil and black magic. They also believed that ruby has the power of foretelling about the danger.

The Middle Ages:

In 1600 a German Author stated that ruby stone changes its color when there is something wrong and again regains its color after the danger.

He explained that his wife gifted him with a ruby ring that changes its color because of the loss of his wife. After her death, the ruby gemstone retains its color and brilliance.

During this period, the ruby gemstone helps to protect the body from diseases such as plague, poison, fever and maintains health vitality and happiness.

According to legend, rubies were the symbol of bravery for the warriors. In England, Ruby was used for coronation rings and was a symbol of royalty. Price Andrew gifted a ruby engagement ring to the Duchess of York, Fergie.



According to Greek people, ruby gems have equal power as that of the Sun and it could have the color of burning coal. Due to this reason, they named this stone as anthrax, which means “lively coal”.

In ancient times Indians give the name Ratnanayaka to the ruby gemstone. According to Hindus, the ruby gemstone was the king and leader of precious stones.

There was a belief that if you donate ruby stone to honor Krishna, then you will reborn as an emperor in future life. They considered that light-colored rubies were beneficial for women and dark color rubies for men. During this period they divided the rubies into three classes and that were upper class, middle class, and lower class. This classification was based on their flawlessness and beauty.

They also believed that if the inferior ruby comes in contact with a superior one, then it can diminish its magical powers.

In some cultures, its believes that rubies grew on trees. They assumed ruby stone as small white gems that grow on trees and turns into the red in the light of the sun when they are ripening.

For thousands of years, the ruby stone helps to preserve physical and mental health.

This stone is as the symbol of love. In ancient times, the ruby gemstone was considered as the perfect symbol for powerful meanings.

Ruby gemstone jewelry
Ruby gemstone jewelry

With such a long history, this stone has reached in the present time and is still consider as a powerful stone to protect yourself from harm in business, battle and to represent love. Still ruby maintains its power, beauty, and rarity that makes this gemstone desired by princes, gods and even by us.

Nowadays, this stone is use in many jewelry items which are very fascinating. It is considered as the July birthstone. People also gift ruby gemstone on the 40th wedding anniversary.

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