Ultimate Guide To Know Gemstone Certification & Importance

Gemstone Certification

Ultimate Guide To Know Gemstone Certification & Importance, Gemstones are certified to verify its authenticity. Certified gemstones mean to evaluate the stone on the different parameters that are established by the gem industry.

These parameters are used to determine the quality and other characteristics of different gemstones. Gemstone certification is basically a report that includes all tests and measurements that are done on gemstone by a gem expert to certify.

Basically, a gemologist examines the minor details of the gemstone and then after careful examination, they issued a detailed report that includes the tests, measurements derived from the observation held on the gemstone.

This report is known as Gemstone certification and also referred to as the Authentication Report.

Importance of Gemstone Certification

The increase in the number of fake gemstone dealers makes the gemstone certification important in the Gemstone Industry. Since a large number of unethical gemstone dealers have used to dodge customers by selling them fake or synthetic gemstones due to which gemstone dealers founded an institute that issues them a gemstone certification.

This institute examines the gemstone properties such as color, shape, chemical compositions and treatments in detail.

After analyzing the various aspects of the stone, a proper report is made that contains the details of particular gemstone including its weight, carat, color, inclusion, treatments, shape, refractive index, dimensions, clarity etc.

Hence it is recommended to buy a certified gemstone as only these gemstones are examined by Gemologist who evaluates a particular stone on the basis of the quality parameters to determine the quality of the stone.

Thus, customers should buy gemstones from those dealers who offer gemstone certification as the Gemstone certification report describes the minute details of a gemstone.

Third-Party Certification

These days, all gem dealers assure their customers that their gemstones are certified. Still, there are only a few gemstone dealers who sell legit gem certificates along with the gemstone.

The gemstone certification is issued by a third party and it is very important to check that the gemstone is not certified by the gem seller on its own. As the gem seller may act biasedly to sell his stones, hence, third-party certification is essential.

Therefore customers should also check whether the gemstone certification is by a third party or not.

It is important to understand that if the gemstone certification is authorized by a reputable grading lab, then the vendor will surely claim about the quality of the stone.

Additionally, if you want to know whether the price of the particular stone charged by the gem seller justifies the price, then gem certification will help you as it discloses all details about the stone.

This certificate will definitely help you to determine that the stone deserves the price asked by the gem seller or not.

Third Party Certification
Third Party Certification

At Sehdev Jewellers all gemstones are certified by GemLab. Sehdev Jewellers provide gemstone certification along with the gemstone so that customers can check the quality of the stone as all details are given on the certification.


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