Birthstones To Wear For Good Luck

We all need a good luck charm to cross the various hurdles of life. Gemstones have been used for centuries now as good luck charms. But not every gemstone is lucky for everyone. These beautiful stones are filled with energies and properties that have the power of changing the lives of the wearer. However, it’s necessary to be careful while wearing precious gemstones as different gemstones have a different impact on everyone.

Keep reading to find out the gemstones that you must wear for good luck, according to your birth month.

Garnet for January

hessonite garnet

Those who are born in January can get their share of good luck from a Garnet gemstone. Usually available in the color red, this stunning gemstone can also be obtained in various other colors like orange, green, yellow, purple, pink, blue, black and can even be colorless. The stone represents peace and calms the nerves. Garnet is also believed to bring prosperity and good health and boost the energy of the wearer.

Amethyst for February

amethyst stone

The February birthstone Amethyst is available in beautiful colors that range from the gorgeous purple to pinkish violet. This stone is said to bring peace, strength, and stability in the life of the wearer.

It also provides relief from numerous health problems that are associated with the circulatory system, joints, and addictions. As per the ancient Greeks, Amethyst protects the wearer from drunkenness and gives them a balanced mindset.

Aquamarine for March

aquamarine stone

Aquamarine, the March’s birthstone is usually considered as a symbol of youth, love, health, and hope. The stone can be obtained in some truly mesmerizing colors like deep blue to pale blue – signifying the beauty of the sea. Since time immemorial, the gemstone has been considered effective in treating ailments related to the throat, liver, teeth, jaws, and stomach.

Diamond for April

diamonds stone

The highly durable diamond is available in several stunning colors, even though the most commonly loved diamonds are the white diamonds. One can have them in blue, pink, yellow and other colors too. Signifying never-ending love, this gemstone has been a companion of women for ages now. Apart from representing eternal love, a diamond also provides clarity of mind, balance, and prosperity.

Emerald for May

emeralds stone

Emerald gemstone is one of the most loved gemstones across the world. Known for their rich green color, emeralds are associated with good health and fertility. Also believed to be the symbol of love and rebirth, an emerald is considered as a source of inspiration and patience. Wearing this gemstone provides good fortune, foresight, and youth to those who are born in the month of May.

Pearl for June

pearl stone

Made by living creatures, pearl gemstones are unique and elegant to the core.

Associated with qualities like modesty, stability in relationships and chastity, pearls are highly popular owing to the natural beauty that they carry. Also called the “teardrops of the moon”, pearl gemstones are said to provide the much-needed freedom from anxiety and in helping the wearer maintain overall good health.

Ruby for July

ruby gemstone ring

The Ruby gemstone, called the “King of Gems”, is associated with the Sun and is available in a variety of colors ranging from pink to deep red. The color red’s energy and passion are believed to get transformed to the wearer, helping them live a life full of success and love. The gemstone is also said to bring wisdom, good health, and strength, and is a must have stone for those who are born in July.

Peridot for August

periodot stone

Peridot, in its attractive green gemstone, is the lucky gemstone for those born in the month of August. The stone keeps malevolence, desires as well as misery away from the wearer. The stone gives a boost to creativity and intelligence, helping the wearer to be a great problem solver. For centuries, this stone has been used to protect and heal the wearer.

Sapphire for September

blue sapphire

From yellow sapphires to blue, green, purple and even orange sapphires, there is a wide range of these spectacular gemstones that have been captivating gemstone lovers for several eras.

Thanks to their durability, they can be worn on a regular basis. Representing nobility, honesty, spirituality, loyalty, and wisdom, the blue sapphire gemstone is a great possession for those who wish to be mentally strong, focused, self-disciplined and powerful.

Opal for October

opal gemstone

The Opal gemstone is the birthstone for October born people. This stone improves the optimism, passion, and imagination of the wearer, making them creative and enthusiastic individuals. It is widely known for the unique color effect that it produces which makes it look like bits of beautiful rainbow exhibiting in a natural arrangement. The changing colors of the stone represent life, love, truth, and faith.

Topaz and Citrine for November

topaz stone

Those who are born in November have two lucky gemstones for them: Topaz and Citrine. While Topaz is said to provide immense strength to the mind and the body, the Citrine gemstone is also considered to be a wonderful healing gemstone. Topaz also balances emotions, helping the wearer lead a harmonious lifestyle, and Citrine releases negative feelings and boosts creativity.

Turquoise for December

turquiose stone

December born people have the exotic Turquoise gemstone as their lucky gem. The beautiful gemstone is available in an array of colors that range from soft hues to darker greenish-blue colors. It is said that wearing this gemstone can bring good health, good luck and lots of wealth. It also protects the wearer from evil spirits and provides power against falls.


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