Difference between Natural and Heated Coral Gemstone

The coral gemstone is an organic gemstone. It is not extremely durable or hard to withstand regular usage. It ranks 3 to 4 on the Mohs scale of hardness. It is available in a range of colors.

From warm pinkish coral stones to red colored stones, the variety is extensive. You can also find light red and deep blood red stones. The color of these stones usually fades when they are wear regularly.

More often than not, a coral gemstone’s clarity is translucent to opaque. A natural coral carries a dull, matte luster. When it is treated or polish, its luster becomes much more vibrant and attractive than before.

There are many of us who don’t know the difference between natural and heated coral gemstone. This gemstone, which occurs inside the sea, is form through a continuous collection of coagulated marine creatures known as polyps.

Now, let’s take a look at the key features of natural coral gemstone and heated coral stone.

Natural Coral Gemstone

Natural Coral Gemstone Collection
Natural Coral Gemstone Collection

This is the finest quality of red coral as it is form through natural phenomena. The brilliant red color, brightness and astrological properties of this stone set it apart from its other variants.

This stone offers a lot of powerful benefits to the wearer, one of them being its positive impact on mental health. It helps in fighting depression, gives energy and makes a person hopeful. It also helps in relieving fear and anxiety.

It is also beneficial in healing skin eruptions like acne, boils, and also helps in guarding the skin against bruises, cuts, and injuries. The coral stone is great for those who wish to taste victory.

It helps such a person in being victorious as this gem is relates with planet Mars which gives the courage to overcome obstacles and gain victory.

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Heated Coral Gemstone

There is no denying the fact that a heat-treated coral stone is different from a synthetic stone, but still, it does affect the properties of the stone and thus, its value is lesser than the real gemstone.

A heated coral gemstone undergoes treatment at a very high temperature so that the toxic elements are remove from the stone.

Its improve the appearance of the stone and its quality as well. The demand for heated coral gemstones is there in the market, due to the reason that such a stone is attractive to look at and is reasonably price than a natural coral stone. It is extensively use in making rings, pendants, etc.

When it comes to reaping the astrological benefits that the coral stone offers, natural stone should be worn. Heated coral stone may reduce the impact of the mystical properties that the stone holds. This is the reason why people are on the lookout for high quality, natural coral stones more than heated ones.


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