How To Wear Red Coral?

When it comes to the world of organic gemstones, a mention of the Red Coral gemstone is pretty obvious. Create under the sea, this gemstone is develop due to the continuous accumulation of the animal skeleton.

Known as the Moonga stone in Hindi, coral is available in a range of colors that varies from pink to saffron, red, scarlet, vermilion.

It is important to note that Red Coral is ruled by the Planet Mars and this planet holds a lot of significance in Vedic astrology. It is believed that Mars possesses the power to make the wearer’s life better than before.

This planet represents health, courage, passion, and fervor. Thus, wearing coral gemstone can make the life of the wearer more auspicious and fill it with the benefits that the Planet Mars provides.

The wearers of this stone can increase their self-confidence and make success in political and social fields. Those who wish to buy and sell properties can also be immensely benefited by wearing red coral.

Police officials, surgeons, soldiers, sports persons, and electricians can make the most of their professions by wearing this stone.

The Procedure of Wearing Red Coral Ring

While wearing a red coral ring, the proper procedures should be followed to get the most of its benefits.

Let’s take a look at the steps of wearing coral ring.

Step 1: Consult your astrologer

It is recommended to wear this gemstone only after the expert guidance of an experienced and Expert Vedic astrologer.

As this stone is governed by the planet Mars, it is advisable to get it checked by an astrologer whether your horoscope will be positively affected by the gem or negatively.

Step 2 – Buy natural coral gemstone

Based on your horoscope, if the astrologer recommends wearing a coral stone, then go ahead and purchase a high-quality Moonga stone from a certified and reputed gem supplier.

Make sure that the Coral gemstone that you purchase is genuine and pure as a fake gemstone can lead to negative results in one’s life.

Step 3: Day for Wearing Coral Gemstone

The ideal time to wear this ring is on a Tuesday morning during Shukla Paksha around sunrise.

Step 4: Weight Of the Gemstone

The weight of the stone should be at least 1/10th of your body weight this means that if you are 50 kg in weight, then the stone should be of at least 5 Ratti.

Usually, 3-4 carat stones can also be use. 5-8 carat stones are very powerful. Anything more than that should only be worn if overheating is not a concern because very large pieces of red coral will increase one’s internal temperature considerably.

Step 5: Right Metal for the Gemstone

It is advisable to set the Red Coral gemstone in a Copper or Panchdhatu or Gold ring.

Step 6: Right Finger for wearing coral gemstone

The ring should be wear in the ring finger of the working hand. It should be design in such a way that the red coral stone touches the skin.

Step 7: Purification of the coral gemstone

One should take a bath before wearing this ring. The ring should be wear while facing the Sun. The ring should be dip in a bowl of Gangajal or cow milk at least 10 minutes before wearing.

Step 8: Mantra for the gemstone

Reciting “Om Mangalay Namah” mantra for 108 times  while wearing a coral ring

Step 9: Wearing Coral ring

Wear the ring with full reverence. Doing this will ensure that you start experiencing the positive effects of the stone within a month.


Benefits of Red Coral Gemstone

There are several ways in which a red coral benefits the wearers. Some of these are:

Helps Professionally

As Mars rule the Red coral gemstone thats why its describe as ‘Bhoomi-Kaarak’ meaning ‘the patron of Land’, this stone becomes beneficial for those who work on the land and land-related professions like real estate. This stone also makes one more inclined towards owning property or inheriting it.

Improves Health

Health conditions related to heart, blood pressure, hemoglobin, blood flow as well as menstrual cycle could be improved by wearing this stone.

It is particularly helpful in preventing impotence, abortion, piles, typhus, smallpox, fever, and other ailments.

Enhances Will Power

This stone increases strength, stamina, and the willingness to work hard.

Protects the wearer

This stone helps to prevent the occurrence of nightmares. Those who have Manglik dosha can wear this stone after consultation with a renowned and experienced astrologer as red coral can help such people to overcome the troubles related to interpersonal relationships.

Bless with high energy

Red coral gemstone can also bless one with rapid success, high energy, motivation, and courage. By wearing a red coral gemstone, one can experience enhanced courage to overcome difficulties easily.

Wearing a red coral helps one to get rid of the feeling of procrastination and laziness, making the wearer active and energetic enough to take on tough tasks without any kind of delay

Emotional Support

Red coral is also believed to protect one against black magic, evil eye and hexing. Mars, being the god of warfare, provides the much-needed courage to fight enemies .It also ensure the victory.

Married Life and family

Another benefit of this stone is that it helps those couples who are facing difficulties in their married life and wish to lead a blissful married life.

If children wear red coral beads around their necks, then its protects from conditions like stomach aches and rickets as well.

Improves Mental Health

An excellent advantage of wearing red coral gemstone is that it improves the mental health of the wearer as well as their self-esteem, helping them ward off depression, fear, and anxiety

People who face temperamental issues and anger related troubles or those who are impatient can also be benefitted by wearing red coral gemstone .

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