Birthstones Significance And Meanings

Birthstones are gems that are associated with a birth month, each stone has a unique meaning and significance. Many of us know we have a birthstone – but do you know why? Birthstones come in a wide range of hues, traditionally there is one or more gemstoneassociated with each month of the year.

So each of the signs of the zodiac came to be associated with a particular month. Let us look at the significance of different birthstones.

January Birthstone:

garnet ring

  • The gemstone associated with the month of January is called Garnet. There are many colors associated with this beautiful gemstone, from the flaming orange to the vibrant green, but the base color of the hessonite gemstone is dark red. Garnet is said to be a beacon of light after sunset and prevent the wearer from being tormented by the dark spirits of the night.

February Birthstone:

amethyst ring

  • The birthstone for the month of February is called Amethyst stone. It is purple-colored quartz that is associated with the properties of peace and courage.
  • It imparts a sense of calm and stability to the wearer. This stone was believed to ward off the stupefying effects of alcohol and makes the wearer more clear-headed.

March Birthstone:

aquamarine ring

  • Both the aquamarine and the bloodstone are birthstones for the month of March. The first is a cool blue stone which is known for its mental healing properties. One more of this birthstone benefits is that it is said to resolve differences between friends. The bloodstone is mostly green in color, and at best has some red spots.

April Birthstone:

diamond ring

  • This is the best month for those who are keen to make birthstone jewelry because the birthstone associated with those born in April is the diamond. Diamonds are credited with several beneficial properties, like purification of the blood, control of brain diseases, and of course its use as a symbol of love.

May Birthstone:

emerald ring

  • The bright green emerald is the birthstone for the month of May. The emerald gemstone is said to have several health benefits, like curing and controlling digestive problems, bleeding and even epilepsy. Emeralds also give a soothing mindset to the wearer, relieving him or her of tensions. But most of all, its beauty is what attracts the wearer to it.

June Birthstone:

pearl ring

  • There are three gemstones associated with the month of June – pearl, alexandrite, and moonstone.
  • Pearl Gemstones are slightly different because they are created by oysters. They signify innocence and purity.
  • Alexandrite is quite rare (mostly mined in Russia), and therefore very costly. The moonstone is made from feldspar and is associated with the soothing effects of the lunar cycles.

July Birthstone:

ruby ring

  • The red-colored gemstone ruby is the gemstone associated with the month of July. Because it is associated with the vitality of the color red and human blood is also red in color, therefore the ruby gemstone stands for passion and vitality. It imparts the association of life force, energy, and courage to the wearer.

August Birthstone:

sapphire ring

  • We have three gemstones associated with the month of August. These stones are the sardonyx, peridot, and spinel. Sardonyx is believed to bring courage and happiness to the wearer. The lime green colored peridot is made from the mineral olivine and It wards off the evil eye. Spinel is a red-colored gemstone that has often been favored by royal patrons.

September Birthstone:

sapphire ring

  • The sapphire is the birthstone for the month of September. The most common form of sapphire is the bright blue gemstone we usually associate the word blue sapphire, and this color is usually associated with divinity. This is a stone that brought in heavenly blessings and wisdom to the wearer.
  • Apart from divinity, the other qualities associated with blue sapphires include nobility, loyalty, integrity, and sincerity. The mind feels focused and self-discipline becomes easier when a blue sapphire stone is worn on the body.

October Birthstone:

opal ring

  • The month of October has two gemstones associated as birthstones. These two stones are tourmaline and opal. The benefits of wearing tourmaline are protection from toxins, pollutants, and even negative thoughts. Additionally, it has the unique property of displaying magnetic properties when electrically charged. Opal reflects several different colors, and in the Middle Ages, it was believed to possess the powers of all the gemstones whose colors it reflected. The wearer of an opal gemstone is said to get good fortune.

November Birthstone:

yellow topaz ring

  • Topaz and citrine are the two gemstones for November. The yellow topaz stone was believed to break magic spells and also calm the anger of the wearer. People have got good results in calming nerves and avoiding nightmares after adorning a topaz. This stone is popularly referred to as healing quartz, and apart from these healing properties, this stone also suppresses negative emotions and creates new beginnings.

December Birthstone:

turquoise ring

  • Zircon, turquoise, and tanzanite are the three birthstones for December. Zircon is believed to keep away evil spirits and induce restful slumber. Turquoise has been popular with ancient civilizations and modern people alike because of its pristine beauty.


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