What Jewelry To Wear For Your Wedding Functions?

It’s a common question for all the fashion-crazed brides that hope for some divine intervention by the style gods, so as to solve their dilemma. It is crucial for all brides to choose the best jewelry for the wedding as one wrong selection will affect the entire look.

The trend of wearing bridal lehenga and matching jewelry started during the ancient times of Jodha-Akbar and Bajirao Mastani. This blog explicates how to choose the best fashion jewelry for your wedding that looks best with your wedding attire.

Firstly, you have to decide your style and for that, you have to divide looks into two categories of contemporary and traditional. Your whole look should depend on the purpose, mood, and ambiance of each wedding festivity.

Traditional Bridal Lehenga Accessories:

While selecting an accessory for your traditional lehenga, you can think of vintage designs in Gold, Kundan, and Polki that looks best with all types of traditional attire.

Traditional Neckpieces

A Bride can also choose the classic yellow gold and green gemstone jewelry that will look best with her red bridal outfit and make her look more stylish.

Make sure that while selecting the neckpieces, you should consider your lehenga blouses. If you are wearing a printed or embroidered blouse, then choose only one neckpiece.

On the other hand, if you want to wear high or low necklines and want to layer them, then go for plain blouses.

Traditional Earrings

If you choose to wear a matching set, then you can wear lightweight earrings. Otherwise, you can also select the long dramatic earrings instead of chunky necklaces.

Bangles/ Cuffs/ Bracelets

Bangles are a bridal favorite and style classic. Some brides wear bangles of particular color depending on their religious background, but that doesn’t mean that you cannot wear anything else. You can mix them with different hues and can wear contrasting bangles.

If you want to have a simple look for a ceremony other than a wedding, then you can choose cuffs and bracelets. You can opt broad gold cuffs studded with emerald or can opt a dainty bracelet with a few charms.

Contemporary Bridal Lehnga Accessories

Usually, girls prefer to wear contemporary lehenga on their Sangeet, cocktail, engagement parties. Diamonds, white gold, antique gold look best with contemporary lehengas.


These days the trend of high neck and boat neck crop blouses are in fashion and large statement neckpieces look beautiful in them. The blouses are plain, so as make the necklace a centerpiece.

Apart from this, you can also choose diamond choker sets in contrasting or matching colors to the outfit. Always remember that printed or embellished blouses do not need any neckpieces for a contemporary bridal lehenga look.


Another way to make look stylish is to go for statement earrings. If you are wearing a statement neckpiece, then wear studs or nothing at all and if you are not wearing any necklace, then go for some big diamond or gemstone studded earrings.


Diamond studded cuffs or bracelets with gemstones is the best hand accessories with contemporary lehengas. Be sure that your hand jewelry doesn’t get in the way of all the dancing.


Some tricks that will surely help you:

  • A bride can choose yellow gold and green gemstone jewelry as it won’t get camouflages with your red bridal outfit and will make you look more graceful.
  • While selecting jewelry for reception and cocktail you can go for large emeralds studded with diamonds in white gold. Alternatively, you can wear a cocktail ring with a large gemstone in the center, which is surrounded by diamonds.
  • If you are wearing a blue outfit, then mix your green jewelry with a few aquamarines or Tanzanite. This accent of blue and green is a sure-shot eye-catcher.
  • Emerald jewelry complements most of your outfits in tones of reds, pinks, yellows, blues, and even blacks. You just need to be careful about the shape of gemstones and metal color in which it is studded.

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