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Best Classy Jewelry For This Summer Season


Summers mean floral, not just in apparel but also in jewelry. That again can be transpired in any metal- Gold, silver, sterling, ruby, pearl or even sapphire. The design is all that matters.

Summers mean a lot of fun-filled activities and relaxing by the beach, which means that you have to choose jewelry that does not erode or change color in extreme heat.

So, here’s a list of summer jewelry for every occasion:

Beads, Corals And Shells Jewelry For The Beach:

The saltwater breeze may be blaming for your senses, but they can have an adverse effect on the jewelry or precious metal that you choose to wear.

While you cannot wear a diamond or a pearl on the beach, why not try something unique and beautiful at the same time?

Jewelry made of shell and conch makes for the trendiest options. You can team up that blue bikini with a shell bracelet in one hand.


Want more? You can have more. How about a shell neckpiece that will go with your long deep-cut gown? Beds to make for the best choice of jewelry on the beach.

They not only look good with whatever you wear, but they can also stand the sea and the salt. Coral stone beads would probably be the best of the lot since they belong to the sea itself.

Available in varied colors, they team up with anything and everything.

Pearls Jewelry For The Night:


Timeless pearls are indeed soothing to the eyes and do not add to the chunk. You can team it up with denim, gowns or even evening frocks and dresses.

They look classic in any way. A simple pearl teardrop earring, teamed with a pearl stone bracelet can add to your timeless beauty.

However, if you are not too much into jewelry, yet want to accentuate yourself with the beauty of pearls, try out a chain of ultra-large pearls for that ultimate class.

Behold Your love For Red:

Hanging out with your friends? Stand out in the crowd with a pair of diamond-encrusted ruby earrings with that little red dress.


For a formal or a romantic outing, choose a romantic roman glass pendant to make a statement. If you do not like loud gems, choose a small Swarovski crystal or quartz in a cluster style.

Gold For The Rose Within:


Not too jazzy, but with a hue of red, this material is fast becoming popular among the women of today. They look drop-dead gorgeous as earrings, especially hoops and studs.

If you want something funkier, you can choose a piece that is a combination of traditional gold and rose gold.

You can also combine silver sterling with rose gold or crystal gems with rose gold. They can well be used as every-day wear.

When The Blue Matches With The Brightness Of The Sky:

Blue sapphire somehow translates the brightness of the day during summers. A light blue sleeveless top teamed with white denim can be the perfect setting for a teardrop blue emerald dropping on your chest from a thin Gold chain.


You can team it up with floral dresses too, which make for the perfect combination during the summer.

So, choose your summer jewelry the way you want to look. Let the jazz take a backseat and minimal design steer this season’s fashion statement.


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