How To Use Traditional Jewellery With Western Outfit

How to use traditional jewellery with western outfit
How to use traditional jewellery with a western outfit

Wearing traditional jewellery with a western outfit takes a lot of courage. It can look oddly jazzy. However, there are exceptional examples of people teaming western gowns and little black dresses with traditional jewellery and they have carried the duo with equal glamour. However, you have to have a great sense of style to prove that they both can as well go together. So, Here Are Some Tips To Get Those Kundan Traditional Jewellery Necklaces Out Of The Wardrobe.

Kundan Traditional Jewellery With An Off-shoulder Dress

Kundan carries the enigma of Indian culture. Wear it with style with that off-shouldered beauty. In fact, many celebrities like Deepika Padukone, Ali Bhatt, Sushmita Sen and Sonam Kapoor have been spotted with the combination and guess what, they looked ethereal.

Kundan with off shoulder dress
Kundan with an off-shoulder dress

If that feels uncomfortable for you, team up that gown with Kundan earrings, nothing else. Their eclecticism makes them extremely beautiful with all western outfits.

Kundan With Little Black Dresses

It’s not just pearls or emerald stone that do justice to them, but also Kundan and Indian pearl designs.

Kundan with black dresses
Kundan with black dresses

You can also team them up with heavy bead necklaces or precious stones, but Kundan surely aces it all. Have you spotted fashion icon Kim Kardashian and Deepika Padukone in them?

Jhumka Traditional Jewellery Does The Magic


Do you feel Gold is outdated? Then you are wrong. Golden loops and jhumkas do magic to jumpsuits. Some even team it up with pencil skirts. They do look great if you carry them off beautifully.

Boho, The Chic

In for the boho? The team that cold shoulder dress or maxi with a heavy silver coin necklace and catch other’s attention.

Boho, the chic
Boho, the chic

It is one of the most contrasting, yet successful combinations that are often being spotted these days. In fact, these necklaces go well with jumpsuits too. You can also wear a boho necklace with a formal shirt and trousers.

Oxidized Jewellery For Style

Oxidized jewellery makes for one of the most popular choices among teenagers and young women. They team it up with anything and everything.

Oxidized jewellery for style
Oxidized jewellery for style

It looks with both saree and jean-top. You can team them up with a wrap-around and a sleeveless top or even with hot pants and a fitting blacktop.

Maang Tikka Or Tiara Traditional Jewellery?

Maang Tikka or tiara
Maang Tikka or tiara

You can also pin it to your hair and make a wonderful hair accessory with it.


Kamar Bandh

No, it’s not just meant for brides or belly dancers. It goes well with one-piece gown and jumpsuits too. Wear contrasting colours with plain outfits and see the magic spread.

Kamar Bandh
Kamar Bandh

One of the best choices these days among celebrities and teens, Kamar bandhs make for an essential element in every woman’s wardrobe.
Wear what you choose and there should be no second thoughts about it. Just carry it like you carry your personality- with confidence and elegance.

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