Karwa Chauth Jewelry Gift Ideas For Wife

India is a land of festivals and traditions where every festival is celebrated with full rituals and with great pomp and show. Karwa Chauth is one of the important occasion that is celebrated to strengthen the pious bond of love between husband and wife in India. Karwa Chauth is a one-day celebration that falls on the fourth moon day of the Hindu lunisolar month of Karthik. Here, we share some stunning Karwa Chauth Jewelry Gift Ideas For Wife

Karwa Chauth is a festival of Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, and Rajasthan but attributable to its notoriety because of Bollywood, the celebration is currently celebrated in other states too.

Karwa implies earthen pot and Chauth implies the fourth day. Karva Chauth is one such festive which is extremely indispensable for each hitched Indian Hindu and Sikh lady.

This is where a spouse or to-be-wife petitions God for their better half’s long, protected and sound life. The acclaim of Karva Chauth additionally comes to crosswise over outskirts and every Indian lady, regardless of where she lives tries to make it conceivable to carry this fast on Karva Chauth.

On this day, ladies keep fast till moonrise. They break the fast simply in the wake of seeing the moon and their better half through a strainer.

Spouses at that point, exhibit excellent and appealing gifts to their adoring wives. This is without a doubt an extremely lovely celebration that implies the devout and a magnanimous connection between a spouse and her better half.

So, have you decided what gift you are going to give your loving wife? I know some men are still thinking and are a little confused about giving gifts. Well, don’t worry, we come up with the stylish and trendy gift ideas for Karwa Chauth this year.

This year you should try something different and gift your wife lovely jewelry that will give a symbolic meaning as well. So here are some of the latest jewelry gift ideas for Karwa Chauth 2017.

Sapphire Necklace:

As you know that precious gemstone jewelry is the latest trend and this jewelry makes every woman happy. So, you can also make her happy by gifting the stylish and elegant blue sapphire necklace. Your wife will be surprised with your choice as this sapphire necklace is the latest trend that is getting popular day by day. Sehdev Jewellers have a wide range of blue sapphire gemstone that is unheated and is certified by GemLab.

sapphire necklace
sapphire necklace

Pearl Beaded Bangles:

Pearl beaded bangles are an example of the classic gift idea that is perfect for a woman. For women, pearl jewelry is the perfect way to express her elegance and royalty. Hence, for now, pearl beaded bangles are the perfect choice to let her know about her importance in your life.

pearl beaded bangles
pearl beaded bangles

Designer Mangalsutra:

If you want to gift your wife something sentimental, then Designer Mangalsutra is the best gift for you to give. This gift will definitely add a sparkle to your wife’s style.

Mangalsutra would be a really amazing gift as she would love to wear it on Karwa Chauth. Just try this idea and gift her beautiful Mangalsutra and strengthen the bond of love that you share.

Designer Mangalsutra
Designer Mangalsutra

Birthstone Rings:

Gemstones studded ring would be another perfect gift for her. If you are planning to give your wife something symbolical and fashionable, then birthstone rings are best for you.

You can simply choose the gemstone (a stone that is related to your wife’s birthday) and can stud it in gold or diamond ring. She will be really happy after receiving this gift as gemstone rings are perfect for ladies to make a style statement. Check the latest collection of precious stones that you can stud in the gold ring at Sehdev Jewellers.

Birthstone Rings
Birthstone Rings

Gold Earrings:

Whatever be the age, their yearning for adornments could never arrive at an end. So this Karwa Chauth, satisfy your significant other and shower all your affection on her by gifting her beautiful pair of gold earrings that will enhance her style. You can likewise go for gemstone studded earrings which she was trying for long.

Gold Earrings
Gold Earrings

Ruby Pendant:

Since ruby gemstone is red in color that is a perfect shade of love to gift your better half. Just imagine a bouquet of red roses, a beautiful ruby pendant, and a romantic dinner date, what else she will need.

So, just try this and see the beautiful smile on the queen of your heart.

ruby pendant
ruby pendant

Check the super premium quality ruby gemstone at

Trendy Watch:

Watches are quite a common present, but you can add flavor by gifting the trendy and stylish watch that she can wear on any occasion. You can gift her a watch style that she has craved for. Choose the watch depending on her choice and fashion.

trendy watch
trendy watch

So, just pick any one of the above gifts and make her day even more special. Don’t forget to get delicious chocolate of her choice.

Wish you all a very Happy Karwa Chauth!

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